The Sun Enters Loyal Taurus!

All those rumors about Taureans being stubborn? They’re true. But lest you begin to think that stubbornness is a bad trait, consider the way people talk about those who don’t stick to what they believe in: wishy-washy, scattered, distracted. Isn’t stubborn better? Of course, there are other words that suit the average Taurus quite well and have a nicer ring to them: focused, grounded and stable, to name just a few. In other words, if there’s an important task to be accomplished, you’ll want a Bull for the job.

But there’s a lot more to that Taurean nature than the ability to make a decision and keep to it — innate sensuality, for example. These folks are the touchmeisters of the zodiac, so if it smells, tastes, looks, sounds or feels good, they’re there. Just step into the home of the nearest Taurus for ample proof. You may not find the Mona Lisa on the living room wall or a bottle of Dom in the fridge, but you’ll come across something that looks just as elegant and tastes just as good. And you’ll be in luck, too, because the Bull is more than happy to share … as long as the company is of equal quality.

When it comes to relationships, in fact, the one thing a Taurus absolutely insists on is that they have something to share. These folks are very big on getting a return on their investments, no matter what or how they’ve invested — and that goes for time, energy and resources. If you’re involved with a Taurus on a one-on-one basis, it’s not just unbelievably pleasurable, it’s also a tremendous compliment!

With Venus as its ruler, Taurus settles for nothing less than the best of everything. If a Taurus isn’t sure their partner answers that description on many levels, they wouldn’t waste their time.

So if you’re a Bull yourself, these thoughts might go through your mind every time you and your sweetie get into an argument that leaves you wondering if you should walk out and stay gone. You know you wouldn’t be with them if they weren’t the best, so simply be true to yourself and your decisions will prove to be as solid as you are!

Though belated, wishes for all the taureans beaultiful path ahead!

With this, a year round of posts on sun signs has been posted in this blog. Wishing joy and peace to everyone crossing these pages for all their birthdays in the years to come.

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  1. Well my two cents on stubborn people vis-a-vis wishy-washy types are as follows wishy washy/scattered/distracted people/people who do not stick to their stands or whatever expletives you would like to describe them using are actually more flexible and less judgemental/rigid and not at all dogmatic and its just that their opinions are not yet fully formed whereas people are stubborn if the information from their senses are not yet fully obtained but they jump the gun in thinking that they have obtained the same(I hope i am making a stubborn comment about wishy washy people)

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