Datsun redi-GO: Launching in India on 7th June 2016

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Fun. Freedom. Confidence.

The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Datsun redigo

Nissan Motor Corporation has announced the launch of Datsun redi-GO in India on 7th June, 2016. The highlights of Datsun redi-GO are fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L and a budget price, starting from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs. Quite exciting, isn’t it? And there are other noteworthy features this budget-friendly car comes with. If I have to pick three impressive features of redi-GO, it will be these:

#1 High Stance

People of average and below-average height will definitely love this! The heightened stance in redi-GO can make you feel bigger than everything you see ahead. I can imagine the freedom of gaining a wider view of the road in the front and on the sides.

#2 Shift Indicator

Datsun rediGO shift indicator

What I thought can happen only in BMW kind of cars is now in redi-GO. I am so much used to the second gear (Yes, I drive a little faster than the bullock cart) that I hardly remember the use of a gear. Redi-GO’s shift indicator can remind people like me when to change the gear. And that should save a lot of fuel expenditure from my wallet.

#3 Small Turning Radius

Datsun rediGO turning radius

Sometimes I skip the nearest U-turns for the fear of getting stuck on the middle of the road. I don’t mind driving a few kilometers to catch a wider U-turn. Redi-GO has just 4.7 m turning radius, letting people like me to maneuver without difficulty.

Where would I do the redi-GO test drive & what would I test for?

Though I would like to test redi-GO on a long, free expressway, practically I would want to test it on the busy roads of Bangalore. I am curious to try if the shift indicator really does work on my favour. Of course, I want to experience my ‘highness’ stance and celebrate the liberty at U-turns.

Can redi-GO drive away Bangalore driving blues?

Driving a car in Bangalore is no fun. I will be surprised if I can get to drive at least a kilometre without an halt. And what’s more frustrating is the need to change gears every now and then. During heavy traffic times, driving in the second is so common with intermittent fall to the first. If a car’s features must help us get rid of the physical and mental discomfort of driving on Bangalore roads, I think it should be to do with the gear system.

Let’s see if Datsun redi-GO will be of help. Datsun redi-GO’s 5-speed manual transmission is designed to give a smooth control and a precise shifting between the speeds. In addition, the adaptive electric power steering ensures high manoueuverability even at low speeds. The sporty fabric of the seats boasts premium comfort which is definitely much needed for long, slow drives.

With adorable exterior and interior and the mileage Datsun redi-GO promises to offer in an affordable package, the car certainly sounds lucrative to car buyers. the Datsun app lets prospective buyers to pre-book via the app. As the bookings have already begun, the launch is indeed exciting.

What’s posted here is my opinion after pacing through the features of Datsun redi-GO. However, having said that the car is yet to launch, we will have to wait to check for its overall efficiency.

Image courtesy: Official Datsun website

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