eKincare – A Digital Family Health Record & Tracker App: Review

About eKincare

eKincare is one of India’s fast growing healthcare technology companies that aims to increase an individual’s life span through technology and analytics.

Have you been in a situation where handling your and your loved ones’ health has been cumbersome? Has managing multiple medical reports, scheduling appointments and remembering the follow-ups been tiring?

Here comes eKincare (Your digital health assistant) to your rescue! A free App to consolidate all your medical information. It helps you spot health risks early and recommends necessary steps to improve it.

Features of eKincare

Zero charge: Free registration or hosting of medical records.

Free digitization: Using eKincare smartphone app, take a picture and save it to your profile. We will take care of analyzing and digitizing the data from the records.

Save time, energy and money: Samples collected at home, results directly updated on eKincare and up to 70% discounts on health. assessments.

User friendly platform: Colour coded tests results, graphical history, clickable timelines and info around what and why about each test.

Family management: With eKincare, you can now manage not only your health, but also your family’s right from your own eKincare profile. You can create separate profiles for your spouse or partners, as well as each of your parents, and children. Imagine the convenience of keeping track of all your family’s medical history and staying informed about their next follow up all at one place. Your family health record management is automated – eKincare links your records to each of your family health records giving everyone a complete family medical history.

eKincare Download

eKincare app can be downloaded at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ekincare&hl=en

User Review

Do I think eKincare is helpful?

At times, when we want to go through our old medical details like sugar levels or BP, we, most of the times, pull up that big file or plastic cover that contains those number of small files of all our family members. We then dig into each one of them to check the date and the name of the person to get to the information we wanted to search. It’s time-consuming and demands keeping several files safe and organized. In this respect, the idea of creating a digital record for our medical histories is appreciative. Thus said, eKincare, at the first place can be definitely helpful. It requires a one-time entry of the latest medical values and there it is saved on the app for future use.

How was the downloading and signing-up process?

Downloading the app and signing-up were simple and hassle-free. It requires an email ID and a phone number (which will be verified through a SMS code).

How was my user experience & What changes would I like to see in eKincare app?

After the sign-up, I had to enter health details like height, weight, waist size, blood group, BP, sugar level, lifestyle parameters (smoking, drinking, exercising) and a brief medical history.

ekincare profile set up

Based on the details I entered, the app calculates an overall wellness score, provides tips to increase the score, calculates health risks and BMI.

ekincare wellness score

Feedback #1: The concept of the wellness score is good as it shall help us know where our health stands. And a good reminder of our healthcare needs.

Feedback #2: I had entered a slightly below-normal blood pressure (110/70). Yet the app recommends me to lower my blood pressure. So, it makes me doubt how reliable both the score and the tips are.

Feedback #3:

ekincare health risks

The app assesses risks of diabetes, cardio vascular diseases and hypertension, based on the details we’ve entered. This is a beneficial feature. However, there is no option to change details like waist size and lifestyle habits. I would like the app to provide options to edit these values as these cannot be permanent forever.

Feedback #4: BMI calculation is accurate. The colour of the value (green/red) indicates whether it falls within the normal range of BMI or not. Additionally, it will be interesting if there is a graphical representation of BMI change over a period of time. It can help one to work on their fitness.

Feedback #5: 

fitness tracker

Again, steps tracker is a highly useful feature. However, it can be done only through Google Fit. That means I need to download another app for the job, which is in fact independent of eKincare app. It will be great if an in-built fitness tracker is developed without the necessity of downloading an external app.

Feedback #6: We can create individual medical profiles for 5 of our family members as well, within a single app. So, it becomes a comprehensive app for the family.

ekincare family members

For each adult, I am required to provide an email ID and a phone number. And the phone number needs to be unique. I found this feature inconvenient, specifically if I would want to add a grand parent or a parent who doesn’t have a phone number. Instead of making email IDs and phone numbers mandatory, it will be good if it is made optional.

Feedback #6: Below is a screenshot of eKincare’s additional features. I haven’t added enough data yet to explore ‘Medical history’ thoroughly. Under ‘Vaccinations’, there is an option to enter the date of dosage of the 7 vaccinations the app lists out. I would like additional options here for adding other vaccinations and reminders.

ekincare additional features

Additional features of eKincare app which I am yet to expore:

Under ‘appointment’, the app helps you get an appointment with a doctor or hospital.  I haven’t explored this feature yet.

Using ‘Documents’ feature, one can upload medical reports or files to the app. eKincare executives shall check the reports and integrate health analysis to the profile within 2 business days. This sounds interesting and appreciative. Again, I am yet to check how it works.

Using ‘eDocsShare’, we can choose to submit our medical reports to a specific doctor (who is also registered and in agreement for this work) to get a consultation. eKincare promises for safety of all our details and reports. The concerned doctor can assess the reports only using an OTP sent to his registered mobile number and our reports will be revoked from the doctor after 48 hours for privacy. This is another beneficial feature which needs to be utilized.

With the help of ‘Hydrotracker’ tool, we can track the amount of water we consume in a day and can check if we reach an everyday target.

‘Blood SOS’ is a noble feature through which one can either donate or seek for blood. Other registered users within a 10km radius of the same blood group will receive a SMS when a request is registered. One can volunteer to donate blood through ‘Blood SOS’.

One might also want to try health packages offered by eKincare at discounted prices.

Overall Feedback:

The conceptualization and design of eKincare app is great. I could navigate through the app and not even once there was a hanging issue. Taking care of minor concerns mentioned above can do real benefit to the community. And I wish people become more aware of the features and benefits of eKincare and use it efficiently for healthy lives.

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eKincare feedback

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Disclaimer: All screenshots of the eKincare app were taken through my mobile app. 

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