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How do most of us decide about buying an insurance policy?

  • 31st March is approaching and we somehow need to quickly buy an insurance policy to claim tax benefit.
  • A distant relative/friend/contact of our’s keeps calling us with some weird over-friendliness and persuades (and sometimes even forces) us to buy an insurance policy
  • Our phone number gets into a list of telephonic marketing numbers and we keep getting calls to buy some ‘Awesome’, ‘Never-before’, ‘Specially-for-you’, ‘Limited-time’, ‘For-first-100’ plan.
  • ABC celebrity is endorsing this XYZ life insurance company.
  • This newly launched life Insurance Policy is the cheapest.
  • We see advertisements from this life Insurance Company everywhere. Hoardings, Newspapers, TV ads, etc.

Is this how we decide how to insure our lives? Is this the respect and importance we give to insurance? Do you know that according to Times of India, insurance penetration in India stands at less than 4%?

The major problem faced by people looking for an insurance policy is:

When we begin to search for an insurance policy, we are expected to provide the contact details, at the first place. A few persuading telephonic calls and a quote for a policy are what we finally end up with getting. However, hardly anyone is willing to explain the details of the plan and the ‘secretive’ T&Cs. Many drop their search there, unable to decide the one that might be beneficial to their individual needs. Also, the availability of a number of policies offered by various companies add to the confusion.

Well, do we have a solution?

Yes! With the motto of ‘Let’s get India insured’, the Pune-based Indiainsured helps buyers by presenting simplified information about insurance policies across all major insurance plans in India. With the help of Indiainsured, you can understand, put policies side-by-side, understand what you get for the premium you pay, and take a better informed self-decision. And the best part is that one is not expected to give the contact details. Note that Indiainsured is NOT an insurance aggregator! They don’t sell policies or act as brokers. They don’t sell any leads. And they don’t have any tie-ups with any insurance company.

How does Indiainsured help buyers?

Indisinsured aims to address the potential difficulties buyers might face during their search for life insurance, car insuance, health insurance, two-wheeler insurance and travel insurance.

Let’s take an example of a buyer who intends to buy a life insurance plan. Here are the common confusions faced by life insurance buyers along with Indiainsured’s guidance plan:

  • Worried and confused about policy terminologies like claim settlement ratio, surrender value, riders? Indisinsured helps in understanding such terms with simple explanations.
  • Highest Returns? Lowest Premium? The Highest and Lowest Tabs will help you!
  • Annuity Plan Vs Pension Plan? Avoid confusion by individually going through different life insurance covers.
  • Simple Term Insurance Vs Savings Plan? Indisinsured has categorized all popular plans so that you can find the best one!
  • Plans from a particular insurance provider? Get a list of all the policies from your desired insurer!
  • More guaranteed returns than available insurance plans? Find all policies with guaranteed returns higher than the one you chose!

This is how Indisinsured helps!

  • Put plans side by side and evaluate them based on 80+ parameters like death benefit, maturity benefit, critical illness cover, etc!
  • Get information about 400+ insurance plans from 25+ insurance providers!
  • NO subscriptions! NO Registrations! No Spam! No tele-marketing! 100% Free of Cost & Unbiased Information!

An example search with Indiainsured

I wanted to search for pension plans. On the Indiainsured homepage, I located pension plans and clicked on the link that will take me to the full list of all the available pension plans.

Indiainsured Policies

The Pension Plans page opened with a list of 22 plans with major details like minimum sum assured, minimum premium, maturity, tax benefit, settlement ratio etc. In case I want to see the list of policies with a particular set of search options, a filter tab is provided on the left. The search listings can be further sorted by defined criteria. Now, by clicking on the individual policies, complete details of the policy can be accessed. Also, if I need to compare two plans, I can select the plans by clicking on ‘Add to compare’. For instance, I chose to compare the LIC New Jeevan Nidhi plan and Max Life Insurance MET Pension (Par) plan.

Indiainsured Pension Plans

On the comparison page, the details of the two selected policies are compared side by side, making it easier to understand the benefits of each. As you can see from below, details of the plan such as eligibility, returns, premium, payment options, loans, benefits, provisions and other T&Cs are clearly mentioned.

Indiainsured Pension Plans Comparison

If you are planning to buy an insurance soon, don’t miss to make use of the assistance provided by Indiainsured.

Let’s make ‘better-informed’ and ‘aware’ insurance decisions henceforth,

with the help of Indiainsured!

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