It’s Raining Fashion!

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Monsoon rains whip my face so hard that it’s difficult to see the road ahead. Luckily a huge flyover is at a close reach to my rescue. I soon find a neat place under the bridge and it’s now time to scan the women on the roads. Women? No, no! My hormones are alright 😆 Just that it’s the best way to learn trending fashion of the city. And why, isn’t it fascinating to pass time aimlessly on a rainy day?!

To my right, a young girl parks her bike hurriedly. She is thoroughly wet by the time she enters the ‘rescue’ zone. Nevertheless, she seems to rejoice the chilliness running through her bare shoulders. Her layered spaghetti top in light yellow fine chiffon is a perfect fit for a rain dance. And the chequered shorts in aqua blue with the polyester printed back pack in pink, certainly gives her that uber chic look! How refreshing to see her make small tip-taps with her stylish moonshine slip-on sandals!Sphagetti Top with Aqua Love Chequered Shorts

Another attractive lady runs her way to ‘our’ zone. The pouring rains send shivers across her naked thighs, making her black and white striped mini skirt all the more glamorous. I think I know a secret. This polyester miniskirt is a convertible skirt that can be worn as an off-shoulder top as well. The peach-coloured, georgette top stunningly complements the B&W wear. As a few more young women enter the scene, I steal a last glance of her leatherette, black strapped, flat slip-on and the City at Night printed box clutch.

Peach and Black Top with Miniskirt

A pink sling bag touches my left arm and a leatherette flat sandals lined with thin golden straps stamps me gently. I turn to see this gorgeous girl fighting with her inside-out turned umbrella. I give her a helping hand and she returns a warm smile as a note of thanks. Awh! Her flowy, georgette sundress in dark pink highlights her fair complexion. At a closer look, I notice the beautifully embellished neckline that is tied by a cord  at the back.

Embelleished Dark Pink Sundress

A cute girl walks slowly towards the now over-crowded space. Dressed in a soft, light pink, printed, georgette dress, she ignited the greedy woman in me with her crystal stud, brown suede sandals and floral tote bag.Light Pink Printed Dress

Just then, my phone rings. My designer ‘In the Rain’ print Iphone cover seems a splendid synchronicity. H says he is on the way to pick me. Finally, it’s time to give a break to the outfit examinations. However, being so close to the monsoon rains, how can I remain idle?

In the Rain Designer IPhone Cover

My mind now wanders to the evening plan with H. Soon after we reach home, I will quickly change the cushion cover with his favourite ‘Love in Rain’ Doodle cover. Aw! I can imagine the warm mood setting up.

Love in the Rain Doodle Cushion Cover

And how did I forget the wall glass cup candles I’d recently ordered from Limeroad?! I will soon light up all of them and be ready with the cups of hot tea 🙂

Wall Glass Cup Candle Holders

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