Keshav describes his ‘Falling in Love’ Emotion!


I knew this nerdy guy as a little school boy and today he talks to us about his falling in love emotion with a recent crush in college 😆

Keshav kick-starts the magical feeling of love with his narration of those few minutes of eyeing his crush and in fact, equating it to moksha, haha!

His description may remind you of your fond crush moments of college days, as it did to me.

Good luck, Keshav boy!

Note: The guy in the picture is not Keshav 😀 Image credit at the end of the post.

“I’ve been in my world of books, Harry Potter and X-box until my schooling. In spite of been raised amidst a co-education environment and a plenty of girls in the community we live in, girls never interested me. Never! When my fellow friends used to share their feelings about a girl they liked, I used to laugh at them, hit them hard on their heads and mock for being silly to get emotional for a girl.

Yes, sexual talks among guys were exciting, but I couldn’t imagine dating a girl. It is fun when our group of guys roams the city around in our bikes, stop wherever we want, have food on the streets and return home late. Dating a girl always made me believe, would confine me to one person and into stupid sentiments. It would definitely not be fun, at least to me, to let my days pass by in tune to the whims and fancies of a girl, on the name of a relationship.

That was the Keshav, a year ago.

Today, after a year in college, I am surprised at how I have transformed.

Just like how a bunch of us in school got along, we built an awesome bunch in college too. The fun of teenage continued. Although my heart wasnt into girls, I’ve never had a problem getting along with girls. Be it a casual talk, subject discussion or logical argument – gender made no difference.

Except with her!

I wouldn’t call her of exceptional beauty. We didn’t collide head to head with Ilayaraja’s ‘than..thana……than’ music playing in the background. Nor she consciously made an effort to attract me.

Yet, I was attracted!

From the series: Why we Fall in for who we Fall in?

I sometimes think and re-think what is it that pulls me towards her. Perhaps, her calmness. Perhaps, her maturity. Perhaps, her intelligence. And perhaps, something more than all this.

I could never be my casual self with her. I could never argue with her. I didn’t in fact mind getting defeated by her in a discussion, lol! And sometimes I wouldn’t remember what to talk next when she’s around.

falling in love

There’s this urge to spend a lot of time with her, speak out my inner most feelings, and get her to be my best friend. But, it seems impossible when I see her.

Before the day begins, I would plan so much of how I would react when she enters the classroom the next day. I would frame the words in my mind that I would talk to her and re-enact it in the bathroom. But I’ve never once been able to do my play well as planned.

From the series: Butterflies – The Stage is all Set 😉

I would take a stroll in the college campus aimlessly, hoping I will spot her walk down the campus lane. I would spend two hours every day to finally get to see her walk for two minutes until she passes by through her hostel gate. On some days, when she turns to give me a glance, that moment – I behold a sense of moksha!

I would be along with my friends in the campus, but secretly I would be searching her invisible self. In the beginning, I thought it’s all a fancy. But with days, this feeling has only multiplied and I slowly feel getting serious about this girl in my life.

This was not me a year ago.

Now I understand what falling in love is. It’s not that you need a companion and then you go searching for someone. It’s, being unable to stop yearning for that someone’s presence. Yes, friends are fun being with. But a relationship is a feed for your emotional being.

I cherish this feeling. I don’t know how far this feeling would last, but I will always remember her as the first girl to wake up that something in me!”

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