Maisto Tow Truck (Quarry Monsters) – Unboxing, Demo & Review

maisto toy tow truck

The Maisto Builder Zone Quarry Monsters is a series of heavy vehicle toys designed for children of ages 3 and above. Tow truck in this toy series is a miniature version of a real tow truck. It is a 1:18 scaled replica, made of die-cast metal body with plastic features. It has movable parts which makes it a good functional toy for kids.

maisto toy tow truck

Unboxing of the truck and demo of the functional parts are shown in the video below.

A few prominent features of the Maisto tow truck are:

  • The pack includes a single piece of the Maisto tow truck.
  • The body is made of die-cast metal. Rest of the truck is of plastic.
  • It includes 6 heavy wheels with sturdy tyres. The vehicle moves by push mechanism with excellent motion power.
  • The tow truck is of the boom model. It works by a hook and chain system. The chain is made of a strong thread (unbelievably strong), approximately 30 cm long, which is wound around an axle. The hook and chain are connected to a boom winch which is hydraulic-powered.

The functional parts as demonstrated in the video are:

  1. The hook along with the chain can be pulled out.
  2. The entire chain can be re-wound around the axle manually using two side bars.
  3. The boom can move up and down using the hydraulic system.
  4. The boom winch can go in and out.
  5. There’s a towbar which can move up and down.

What to teach kids about tow trucks?

Children can be explained what a tow truck does. A tow truck is a heavy vehicle which is used to rescue another vehicle stranded on a road or somewhere else. The stranded vehicle, in most cases, is in a position unable to move because of an accident or repair. The hook and chain system of a tow truck helps in holding the stranded vehicle tightly when it is towed from the spot of repair to the service station.

How to practically make them learn about Tow Trucks?

After they’ve played with the toy for once or if you prefer, even before they begin playing, show them images of real-life tow trucks.

You can make them watch videos about real tow trucks. Demonstrating or showing a video of towing is helpful for children to understand the mechanism of towing. If that doesn’t interest them, you can also make them watch how other kids play with toy tow trucks.  Here’s a sample video of Vihaan playing with his toy tow truck.

In the Video…

  • The ice cream truck gets stranded on the road with its wheel off the vehicle.
  • The school bus gets its wheels stuck in the pebbles.
  • And the flight carrier topples over a huge pile of gravel.
  •  Watch as Vihaan’s Maisto Tow Truck comes for rescue and Vihaan tows the stranded vehicles to the service centre.

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How to make their play time with Tow trucks more Interactive and Fun?

Make a pretend play that one of his toy vehicles went out of gas or got stuck in mud, unable to move. Immediately make an emergency call to your little one who will act as the tow truck manager in this pretend play. Explain to him the problem. Have him drive his tow truck with an emergency siren (as shown in the video above) to the stranded spot. Let him operate the tow truck by fixing the hook to the stranded vehicle and pulling it to the rescue zone.

Maisto Tow Truck Review:

Quality & Durability (5/5): The quality of both the die-cast metal body and the plastic parts is excellent and sturdy.  We have been playing with it for almost a year now, without a complaint of breakage.

Performance of the Tow Truck (4/5): The thread for the towing mechanism is highly durable. It can bear high levels of  rough pulls by kids. The hook, made of metal, is also of great durability. The wheels are of the best power I’ve come across over toy vehicles. However, the functioning of towing depends on the other vehicle used. sometimes, the hook may not fix tightly over other vehicles. While towing, the hook might come off or the towed vehicle might topple over.

Fun Quotient (3/5): It is definitely fun for kids, perhaps around the ages of 3-6. It is a must-have toy vehicle for kids who love trucks and road games.

Learning & Skill Development (3/5): Children can learn to wind a thread around an axle, the usage of hooks and overall towing mechanism. Also this toy inculcates the intention of rescue and survival skills in children.

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