Colgate Magical Stories #3 – Magical Space Adventure

colgate-magical-castle story
For the 3rd consecutive year,
we are happy and excited about the
Colgate Magical Stories characters that come along with the Colgate toothpaste packs.
 When Magical castle characters were out in 2015, Vihaan was 2 years old. He could speak only a few words then, yet we had fun playing and making a few videos.
Watch our Colgate Magical Castle videos here:
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Magical sea world characters were released in 2016 when Vihaan was 3 years. He could speak then, though not as clearly as an adult would. He was reminded of the movie, ‘Finding Dory’ we had watched and he wanted to play with the sea creatures on sand and water. He had come up with a story though incoherent. It is incoherent, well to us, but he was creating a story to himself. I can tell him 100’s of stories but one little story, though incoherent and without meaning from him at this age seemed certainly precious.
Watch our Colgate Magical Sea World videos here:
The Magical space adventure packs are out in the market now. It has a few planets along with an one-liner description about each, a rocket launch station, a few space vehicles like rocket, space station, rover and UFO, characters of astronauts and Alien. Vihaan is nearing 4 now. Well, he can speak fluently this time. In fact, came up with his own dialogues and expressions 😀
No sooner had I presented the characters to Vihaan than the series of questions began.
“Can I launch a real rocket and go to real space?”
I replied, “No, not now. May be after you grow big.”
“Then how can I make a story of it now?,” Logic#1
“————” This was my reaction.
He is used to seeing this blank face of his mom, so he decided to come up with a solution by himself.
“Ok Amma. I will go to space in my dream.”
“Because I cannot go in reality.” Logic #2
“But the rocket, astronauts, alien, planets have to be flying in the air.”
“W-H-A-T N-O-W?”
“Yes, Amma. They won’t be standing on a paper stand, like this.” Logic#3
So, that’s how it started!
It was a miserable feeling because I had taken keen care in cutting along the dotted lines of so many ‘Base’ pieces, fixing and making them all stand sturdy. However, I was glad for his logical and reasoning ability. And I managed to suspend the characters in air using a thread.
Listen to what he came up next. Follow the collage below for corresponding pictures of the story. Further down is the video version of the same.
 On a cold, winter night, Vihaan and Amma are sleeping. After sometime, Vihaan is getting into a dream. In the dream, he is an astronaut. Well, Amma is his co-astronaut 😆 They are at the rocket launch station, where a rocket is ready to launch. The count down for the launch begins – 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0! Zoom…..the rocket flies up high in the sky.
It was the first time I realized that he hasn’t learnt yet to read numbers backwards, that is, from 10 to 1. If you check the video, he says it from 1 to 10 though actually he meant a count down.
Vihaan and Amma are flying out of the space station. First, they meet planet Venus. Amma exclaims, “Look Vihaan, that’s planet Venus.” After a casual chat with Venus, they now land somewhere. But which place is this? Planet Mars introduces himself. Vihaan compares Mar’s appearance to that of an apple. They are offered a round around the planet on a Rover. Next in line is planet Saturn which he identifies by himself by looking at the rings around it. As they contiue their exploration, Booh! There’s an alien. Vihaan is frightened and tries to run. However, the alien says that alien loves human beings and promises to take them back to Earth. That’s when Vihaan wakes up to a bright, sunny morning.
The alien character had a gun in its hand. So was one of the astronauts. We haven’t introduced the word ‘gun’ to Vihaan’s vocabulary yet and we don’t intend to. In fact, the ‘astronaut with the gun’ character wasn’t a part of Vihaan’s story at all. Ofcourse, eventually, he will learn it one day. But the point is we try our best to seed ‘peace’ instead of ‘violence’ in him. An alien need not be a bad character, isn’t it? So, when Vihaan wanted to run on seeing the alien, we gave in a twist there 🙂 As a matter of fact, that’s what children of today need – the seed for peace!
Nevertheless, it was a nice, small, joyful family time for us. Mom and dad gave the voice overs for other characters. Of all the figurines, rocket was Vihaan’s favourite as you can see the fun he had with it in the last clip of the video above.
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I thank and appreciate Colgate for this exciting initiative for kids. And we look forward to more such interesting Colgate magical stories.
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  1. This is so cool. I wish I can have all 3 series to play with. All themes are interesting. I feel alien theme is right for his age. Great thought to use thread to suspend the toys.

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