How to soothe a colic baby?

colic baby with mom
You are here probably because you are desperately looking out a way to soothe your colic baby. I assume you have already read tons of articles about colic babies, and the ‘rule of threes’ which gave you enough brain power. However, what you need now is a little more strength in your heart as a new parent. If you are at the verge of breaking out loud “Somebody tell me, how do I make my baby stop crying!” let me tell you three proven methods, at least one of which have always worked with my colicky girly.

colic baby with mom

My DD has crossed three months now and I know how it feels when your little one cries uncontainably and worse you don’t know what’s happening to her. First, you think her diaper is wet, but it looks perfect. Yet, you try changing one. It doesn’t work. You think she’s hungry, even though you fed her a couple of minutes ago. You feed her again, and in a few minutes you realize it’s not going to work, either. During the first few days, before I identified her colicky thing, I’ve in fact fed her for two hours non-stop hoping she’s going to fall asleep soon. URGH!, the ‘soon’ moment never seemed near. Next, you check the buttons and pendants on your dress, making sure nothing is pinning on her soft skin. Yes, nothing. Is she feeling cold then? Let’s, cover her up …nay, nay doesn’t work. May be too warm? Remove all of it. Uff! No response to the undressing idea. Now it feels a little serious. Should you reach out to a doc? It might seem silly if she stops crying before you reach the doc’s place which you think is sure to happen. Should you, perhaps, ask your family and friends for a little parenting dose? Nope, there are chances you might actually be inviting trouble to your own parenting wellness. Finally, after sometime which seemed like life’s hard times, she calms down.

When this drama repeats over a few days, with the help of Father Google, you get enlightened about the term ‘colic’. That’s what happened to me when my baby girl showed the symptoms when she was about two weeks. I cracked the internet religiously to check what other moms have tried to fight colic. Of all the trials and experiments, I eventually became an expert ‘Colic Mom’ by following one of these simple, silly things:

Switch on the Air Dryer: The first time I read about the white noise affiliation of colic babies, I thought it could have probably worked for someone by chance because it seemed absolutely illogical. However, when one day, at one point I decided to switch on the air dryer, she stopped crying in a moment’s time. For one last time, I thought it was a coincidence. I switched that silly equipment off and she immediately jumped into her colicky thing again. Man! How could have I known that for the next two months, this silly thing was to become so close to my heart?! It seems colic babies enjoy listening to loud white noises, the kind from air dryer and vacuum cleaner. If not always, one in three times, it shall work. Do be careful not to place the equipment unattended or too close to the baby.

Stroll her fast on a Pram: Following several baby bed settings, I tried placing her on the stroller (the one which has the option to lay the baby flat so until her neck gets steady, we don’t have to worry about the head-falling while strolling). Not that she liked it and the cries continued. I moved the stroller as gently as I can hoping she might enjoy the movement. As expected, my hope did not last long. However, when I moved a little faster, I could sense a change. So I cleared everything from the floor to take her on a fast stroll from one corner of the room to the other. Whoa! She seemed happy. Within a few rounds, she fell asleep. Just one other weird experiment of a mom, I thought! Again, be watchful if you decide to try this. Clear things on the way and keep the pace steady without hurrying.

Take her for a Car Ride: It was her day of vaccination. Before we started from home, she was crying relentlessly. But no sooner I buckled her in the car seater than she got into her magic world of peace. Perhaps, moving environment entertains colic babies or whatever the power of motion does to them, it is a relieving factor. Thus, I often times I use the car seater as a weapon to fight against colic. As a wearied mom, you might not be in the best mood to go for an outing. However, wouldn’t you jump out of home if it shall calm your crying baby? I am sure you will.

All is well that ends well. The good news is that the nightmare of colicky cries lasted only until she was around eight weeks. Though today those six weeks seem a short time, undergoing it was no fun.

So shall you win colic soon. Happy Parenting!

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