Our Off-Road Experience with Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa

Tata HexaTata Motors is launching TATA Hexa, a SUV designed for a power-packed, feature-loaded and adrenaline-pumped driving experience – what Tata fondly calls as The Hexa Experience! For the benefit of travel enthusiasts, Tata is organizing Hexa Experience centres in major cities where a simulation of off-road tracks is set. Our good old pal, Indiblogger, gifted us an exciting opportunity to witness the Hexa Experience along with a special family carnival, on the day of Christmas in Bangalore. To know the details of the Hexa Experience centres in your city, visit the Tata Hexa site.

Tata Hexa – Features & Specifications

Tata Hexa comes with an impactful design with impressive exteriors and classy interiors. At the first look, it gave the appearance of a superb blend of a soft car designed for rough roads – a unique combination. No one can ignore noticing the all-black interiors which renders a premium feel. Here are a few highlights of Tata Hexa features:

19″ Alloy Wheels: The 19-inch machined cut alloy wheels with five double spokes is the soul of Hexa. It maintains the drive sturdy irrespective of the driving terrain.

Stylised Wraparound Horizontal Tail Lamps: The Hexa tail lamps are significant because it uses first-in-India patented, flexible LED technology, adding a signature design to the make.

Ambient Mood Lighting: Hexa offers a choice of eight colours for in-cabin lighting with illumination control and customization. This is a notable feature for it can set the stage for every mood of the drive.

VARICORE 400 Engine: Advanced next-gen 2.2L VARICORE diesel engine mated to 6-speed manual and automatic transmission delivers a class leading 400Nm torque 156 PS power.

The Hexa Experience

Participants were allowed to take both off-road and on-road test rides. Mock off-road tracks were recreated in a huge ground adjacent to the event hall. Hill roads were mimicked with steel slopes of different inclinations, water-logged roads by a small water pit and rough terrains with logs and tyres on the driving path. It was a thrilling encounter, driving against these barriers. Hexa proved to be rightly referred to as a beast for its sturdiness, irrespective of the tough road conditions. Features of Hexa, depicted in the image below, that support driving on rugged roads were explained to us. The hill hold control feature helps the vehicles from descending backwards while climbing up a slope. Likewise, the hill descent control provides safety during down-hill drives. Electronic stability program ensures safety while hovering over coarse barriers. The traction control system prevents excessive wheel slip, rendering steady grip on the road.

.hexa-off-road features

Family Fun Time at the Hexa Experience Centre

Our little boy loves monster truck toys and Tata Hexa appeared to him as the manifestation of his monster trucks. Watching a live off-road track brought life to the ramp shows of his monster trucks we read in his book. Adding to his excitement were the kids’ play area and the remote control toy car. The pet adoption zone is sure a warm idea on this occasion. A few eat-outs winded up our appetite and most importantly, live music made for a pleasant background. The video above is a short 360 view of the event hall.

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