Happy Heart Celebration Candy + Surprise Toy

surprise toy candy

Surprise eggs are big-time popular chocolate candies among kids. The miniature toys that come along indeed make fascinating play times for children. By far, I’ve seen only one brand of surprise egg toys in India. Though I am not impressed with the toys that come with it, occasionally I buy it for my son on demand – when there’s no other way to leave the supermarket.

Yesterday, my son had a sudden memory regain attack of surprise eggs. Well, such attacks are usually on us! We had to take him on a drive in search of his memory’s obsession. That’s when we discovered a new surprise toy candy. It said Happy Heart and Celebration Collection on its wrapper. I am not sure if it has been in the market for long, for this was the first time my eyes fell on it.

 surprise toy

It looked more like a girl thing; however all that mattered to my boy was that it had a surprise toy inside. And finally, it turned out to be a little more exciting than the surprise eggs. The big, pink, heart-shaped box was certainly attractive on the outside. On opening, there was a triple surprise, yes, not just one!

 christmas candyAwh! There were a pack of candies, a toy doll, a paper finger puppet and a tattoo card. Candies were the last one to be given attention by my boy as the rest of it were making him go high. He was happy to get a doll to play with his new doll house set. This was the first ever tattoo he had on him and he seemed to like it. The finger puppet was fun too.

surprise toy candy

In spite of my critic attitude towards such kids’ products owing to their marketing gimmicks, occasional surprises like these seemed alright. Said all of it comes for Rs.25, it is worthy.

 finger puppet

kids tattoo

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