5 Natural tips for Beauty beyond the Skin

The Beauty and the Beast is what comes to my mind as I begin this post now. Ha! Though I tend to relate myself to beauty, I feel like a beast when it comes to practicing or even while writing about beauty tips. Literally, the beauty tip quotient has been zero in the entirety of my life. As a matter of fact, I am a little too proud about it. I visit beauty parlours hardly once in six months for a hair cut when finally one day my toddler son makes it too difficult to let me untangle both my hair and head. And that’s one place where I feel like a stranger in Moscow. I simply nod my head to whatever those girls ask me and my most recent hair cut went too bizarre, the look of which I am still trying to cope with. I look at women obsessed about beauty parlours as different species on this planet though I know that’s how exactly how they would look at me as well 😆 May be I am a little too much opinionated about this.

All that I’ve been doing with my face for ages is placing a bindi on it after a normal face wash. All along, I’ve protected my face from creame, lotions, talcum powders, kajal, muscara, lipstick and whatever that can ruin H’s hard-earned money 😀 However, I shouldn’t be looking down upon the ‘skin’ factor, isn’t it? I, sometimes think about switching ‘skin’ to the health category from the present beauty category (in my mind). In fact, that’s the fact!

Now what do you think I might do?

First, I shall give you a little gyan about the biology behind the skin 😆

Skin contains innumerable tiny pores and the hygiene of our skin depends on what happens to the pores. Over a period of time, dust from the air and natural skin oils accumulate within these pores, making the skin more dull and glow less. A normal face wash just freshens the skin surface without attending to the pores and their contents. So, taking care of the skin is primarily cleansing it from the pore level.

Here are the 5 grandma tips, the only skin-care tips, I’ve known and personally convinced about:

1. Milk is a natural cleanser. After a gentle face wash in the morning, apply undiluted milk over the face and leave it for a while. To attend to the pores, add poppy seeds to milk and scrub the face in gentle circular motion with the milk mixture. In sometime, as the cleansing job is at work, you can feel a rubbing sensation. On drying milk forms a layer on the skin. When the sensation ends, wash the face with plain water. You can feel the softness of skin soon after the milk layer is washed.

Beauty isn’t always externally sourced. The rest of my tips are for the internal regulation of skin.

2. Drink plenty of water. Our system needs enough fluids to prevent toxins from accumulating. Water does it!

3. Work out. Sweating is another form of detoxification. Also, working-out increases the blood supply to the skin cells, making them function actively.

4. Include fruits in your diet. They give that glow, more than those fancy products can give. Especially, citrus varieties like oranges and lemon nourish skin with vitamin C.

5. Take enough rest. Imagine skin as an organ in your body, Give its due resting time, it shall rejuvenate by itself.

Above all, keep your heart light and mind pure to make your body, mind and soul beautiful beyond the skin.

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