It’s Okay, Start it Anew!

Sometimes life takes us to the farthest end of our journeys from where retracing our path back would seem a dream. We wouldn’t have a clue of where we are heading to, during such episodes in life. Mighty words such as ambition, goal, drive, passion and target would have meaning only in the dictionaries; not in reality. However, something on the way would have brought a mystical change that fairy tales talk about, paving way for a new path and re-writing our stories forever!

I’ve seen such revivals too !

It was the day after our last exam of the study year. Ironically, we didn’t get a break. The summer coaching classes for the coming year had already begun. I was at the class, not feeling well, about something that I couldn’t recognize quite well. Probably, it was a premonition that something undesirable was on its way towards me. That evening, when I reached home, mom informed that we are leaving not just our home but also the city.

I’ve never been in another city for more then two days in my entire life. I am literally a pure breed of my place from the day of my birth up until fifteen years when I heard that dreadful message from mom. Neither I had any time to discuss, protest or even console my little heart. Things were already packed and our car was just waiting for me to get in.

Moving away from our place of origin is a very emotional phase of life. And especially when it happens at the most unexpected time of our life, it feels terrible. Fifteen more years later, today as I recall my then situation, I don’t regret that sudden move to a new place. However, I feel sad for not having given a little more time at my dear old house. I don’t know what I intend to do with that little time. May be I would have silently hugged those walls that had brought me up. But that move marked my first ever bold step to start a new life fresh ahead.

Our homes certainly mean something more than the mere bricks and cement they are made of. May be the familial bond we witness in them or the place that makes us rest after a hard day’s life. That’s why one need to choose wise before they make a home of their own because moving out of our home is hard sometimes.

It doesn’t necessarily be a owned one. In other sense, living in a rented home has nothing to do with the love and happiness that fills the home. Why not look up while checking for a house of your dream living? Be it whatever kind of stay you are looking for – rented apartment, service apartment, property to buy or a hostel and paying guest accommodation – is a wonderful way to start a new life!


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  1. I felt the emotion..when I read your first paragraph. I really felt sad for that 15 year old kid.
    But after I started reading the next paragraph ..n found that u r endorsing…I felt like ‘naaah…ah give me a break


    I think you really need move out of this endorsing brands think

  2. When we moved out of our house where we grew up as kids, I was excited and wanted a change. It was after sometime that I grew nostalgic and wanted to get a feel of my old life back. By that time, the (old) apartment was already razed down and they were building a new one in its place. How much I wished there was a digital camera those days!

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