5 Silly things that Keep him Happy

Little children are wonders. It is amazing to witness the way they see the world. If you’ve ever looked after a baby, you will know what silly stuff keep these little ones happy.

Here are a few passions of my little boy.

Go Green

It doesn’t matter to him even if it’s an empty pot 🙂 He eagerly runs behind my mom everyday to the garden. All that she is expected to do is turn on the water tap. He can take care of the rest! And until water overflows from the pot, he wouldn’t move to the next pot. This is something he loves to do so much that it is difficult to bring him back from the garden. In fact, one day he watered until the water tank dried up.

Cuddling his Reflection

Even as a baby, he used to get amused with the mirror. Probably, he found the other entity on the mirror inquisitive then. But now that he understands it is his reflection, he enjoys kissing and making faces at it. Sometimes, he tries to hug and gets disappointed that it wouldn’t accommodate his hands into it.

Duplicate Dad’s Avatar

Though it is mom who looks after him all day, it is dad who is his role model. He wants to act just like his dad in every way. And he is literally obsessed with his clothes. He takes great pride in wearing H’s shirts and pants and what is more surprising is to see the way he tries to imitate H. Note H’s car key in his hand. Usually after dressing up, H leaves homes with the car key. I try to hide H’s clothes from him, these days for the pain it takes to make him wear them 🙄 Believe me, even the undies 😆

Cook like Mom

Most of the times, I will have to carry him while working in the kitchen. I know he likes watching what I do with all those dishes and colourful powders. However, when one day I bought him a toy kitchen set, I was amused to see how exactly he imitated me cooking. He would add something imaginary into the pan, place it on the gas stove, stir it with a spoon, close the lid, turn on the knob and wait for a while before turning the gas off again and remove the pan from the stove. Incredible! How much of observation he has put into my cooking then! I wonder who stated that boys don’t play with kitchen stuff? And this is something, in fact, the only thing he does quietly without making any mess of it.

Playing with Colours

This picture says it all! And I too have fun along with him 🙂

And there is much more to the list. The most recently added is the refrigerator menace. He simple enjoys opening the fridge and dropping down milk, curd and anything that his hands can reach to. Washing machine is the second in the list. He loves dumping clothes into it, even those that he is wearing. He is almost mad at driving dad’s car. I’ve sacrificed my seat at the front to keep H protected from him while driving 🙁 Customs checking baggage brought from grocery shop, sending surprise messages and photos through whatsapp, applying face powder to his teddy bear, playing pee-ka-boo behind the curtains……..ahh! There is so much little children can think of to keep themselves happy.

And of all the craziness, there are two things that make me feel good – of course the happiness he rejoices with his silly plays and Pampers! Babies are too intolerable to dampness. He can never play anything in peace if he senses somethings a little wet. That’s why I use Pampers. I will never have to check if all is well because I trust complete dryness with Pampers.

Photo Courtesy: funmozar.com

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