World is not that Bad

I quit reading newspapers and following world news after the 2012 Delhi rape incident. It was difficult to close the newspaper without getting disheartened about what’s happening around the world. Girl gang raped, child kidnapped for money, bomb blast killed hundreds of innocent people, husband killed wife……and you know what else! I read the magazine columns everyday but don’t have the guts to open the main newspaper.

With respect to my personal life, if you ask me how the people in the world are like, I wouldn’t say they are bad, heartless and cruel. There are such people, I can’t deny. But the world I’ve seen at a close angle is much kinder that what everyone else have told me about. Sometimes, kindness seen in the form of strangers is so heart-warming that I feel there’s still some hope for the betterment of the world. Here is the most touching story of my life that helps me see the optimism in life, love and the world.

It was 2006! I left the Cantonment railway station after booking a train ticket. While I crossed the road to get to the other side, in a flash of a moment, a fellow on the bike who rushed with high speed, hit me. When I opened my eyes next, I was in the casualty room of Jain Hospital. I couldn’t remember for a few minutes why and how I had come to the railway station. I remembered all other details of me but I had a selective amnesia of the happenings of that particular day. A girl, a few years older than I, explained that after the bike fellow hit me, I went round and round a few times and fell down on the road with my head getting hit on the stone that divided the road. I became unconscious and this girl hired an auto to admit me at the hospital. The story sounded strange to me as I couldn’t remember anything about it for a while. However, in sometime, after I came out of the shock, I faintly remembered the incidents, at least until the time I crossed the road.

What if I lay on the road and nobody had come for my rescue? How long would I have been unconscious? How much memory loss would I have suffered if I had not been taken to the hospital immediately? Or who can imagine what can happen to a girl lying unconscious on the road?!

Today, as I sit back and think about this incident, I realize I was just no one to her. Though it was getting late to her office, she had the heart to spend some time for a girl lying unconscious on the road. Strangely, I heard from her that exactly after a week of this incident, her brother was hit by a bike fellow on the road just outside of the Cantonment railway station. He was saved from serious head injury and was admitted to the same Jain Hospital by a stranger. I don’t know if this can be called a coincidence or even what it should be rightly called as.

But I am certain I must start to read newspapers again!

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