Expert Speak: Treating Pimples

My sincere thanks to Dr.Renuka Ramakrishnan, for her time and patience to answer questions about pimples, inspite of her busy schedule.

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This post is written for an Indiblogger contest in association with Garnier Neem Face Wash.

I remember getting into the pimple obsession, quite young, at about the age of fourteen.The kind of pimples I had was moderate; neither light nor dense. The occurrence was on and off until marriage. Eventually, after marriage, in no time, the pimples on my face disappeared on its own without any remedial intervention, leaving behind slightly carved cheeks. I won’t call it a crisis or that it had put me into a trauma. Pimples didn’t seem a problem that big. However, as any other beauty spoilers, pimples were certainly unfriendly.

The Pimple Problem

At the first look, pimples on my face give me a shabby look; as though I haven’t taken bath in years. But the truth is I would have taken extra care of personal hygiene; cutting mails, protecting nails from digging my face, frequent face washes, regular washing of face towels and everything in general. Especially, the combo offer of dark skin plus pimples is actually an ugly offer. Some fair-skinned girls, even boys, look cute with pimples; kind of pimples suit their faces.

Pimples might not have a direct adverse effect on my psychology. But yes, it did have its say on my confidence in one way or the other, which is perhaps unexplainable.

The Pimple Effect

In my everyday life, it didn’t do me any harm other than the shabby look, I know. But I certainly did not want it to have it on my face!. I had hardly tried a form of treatment for one, I did not believe medicines could cure and two because I simply didn’t give so much consideration for a treatment.

However, what it made me to get into was obsessive tracking. I remember those times when I used to periodically observe the changes of their numbers and sizes on my face with respect to the food I had, my female cycle, stress levels and anything I could imagine relating with pimples.

The outcome of my study was that I wasn’t able to trace the onset of pimples to one source. Pimples seemed to have choices of their own. To some degree, I believe hormones play a role. And I am sure that it’s a wide-spread misconception that only oily faces would develop pimples. Oily faces could be just one of the reasons. There are so many other factors that dig the holes a little deeper.

For the purpose of this blog post, I requested for an appointment with Dr. Renuka Ramakrishnan, a leading dermatologist in the city, to shed more light on the prevailing trends in pimple treatment. She was kind to let me interview her at her residence today. In this video, Dr.Renuka Ramakrishnan speaks about the common problems, causes,  treatment methods and do’s and don’ts to cure pimples.

Towards the end of the video, Dr.Renuka recommends Neem based face washes as one of the effective treatment methods for acne cure. “I have been recommending neem based face washes because neem itself acts as an anti-septic and also the T3 oil in it reduces inflammation,” says Dr.Renuka.

Dr.Renuka Ramakrishnan is a consultant Dermatologist, Hair and Nail Specialist in Chennai. She was one of the invited judges in the Doctor-Doctor programme, aired on Vijay Television in November 2014. She can be contacted at 91-9444087050.

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  1. Wow..good that you have contacted a dermatologist for her views. is an image coming at the top of your blog. When I checked at the venue the image was not coming at the top. Did you changed this feature later.

    1. Oh yes, I was real lucky to meet her. Though the contest required the blogger’s personal opinions, I felt my silly talks on pimples might be of no good help to the readers. Dr.Renuka is an expert in Chennai. I’ve seen her show on television and heard from a friend who got the right kind of treatment for her hair loss and pimples problem. Even if this post doesn’t make to the winning entries, I am glad with my experience I had with an expert and the fact of having added something valuable to my blog. Hope it helps people who are in real need.

      Yes, I made to this interview at the last minute, just a day before the submission deadline. And I left the post with the main content while submitting. After I came back from the meet, I added the tags, images and categories.

      Thanks for your time here, Partha.

  2. Good effort that you have taken for contacted a dermatologist and her valuable information about the pimples.

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