Love in the Air

This video post is a part of the Cupid Games 2015 activity at Indiblogger in association with Close-Up.

Video post? Why? What?

When I read the notification for this blog activity at Indiblogger, I least thought I could actually come up with a video. To give you a glimpse of the activity, the participant blogger needs to create a video of him/herself sending a valentine’s invite to his/her crush. And the dare must fall under one of the 15 given ideas.

The first 20 valid entries submitted, once the submission begins, would become the winning entries. Said that, getting into the first 20 is a little next to impossible, if you know what Indi Happy Hours are. That flew away the thought of making a video off my mind.

However, when I discussed this with H, he sounded enthusiastic and inspired me to get into the work. He meant even if not for winning, for the fun in making the video, I must try.

This is the video I tried from H’s inspiration. I chose the High Flier theme.

  • The High Flier
    Show your crush love is in the air with a Valentine’s Day invite attached to flying object(s). Balloons, kites, drones… you choose. The more creative your stunt, the bolder your move!

Those few seconds of the actual dare was a real surprise to H. I had placed the camera from a distance and as I hoped, he missed to notice it. We made the rest of the video together. We had a crazy time doing this. Of course, we are not professionals. We meddled with the Movie Maker as much as we could and stopped at a point when we realized ‘it’s enough until we learn a little more of technology’ 😛 And we did as casual as we could, without make-ups, in just our home wears.

Thanks to whosoever’s big brain that came up with this idea and to the Indiblogger team who never cease to impress me.

I seriously tell all couples to explore such activities. They make relationships interesting!

Wishing all the couples around the world, a spicy and interesting Valentine’s Day 🙂

Update: 4th February, 2015

Hurrrrayyy!!!! Hs are sometimes right. Our video made to one of the winning entries. Our appreciations to all other participants. Almost all the videos were done fantastically. You can check the gallery of all videos here. Thanks to IB and Close-Up teams!

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