Some Beautiful Kitchen and Wardrobe Designs

I am certainly an admirer of contemporary home decors and furniture. Here are a few beautiful stuff that I’ve come across from Porcelanosa. Keep these bookmarked in case you find anything impressive from here. It will be a nice guide when you have to get new stuff for your home one day.

Also keep 24k Province bookmarked for new residential homes.

Kitchen is my love! Also the one place I hate. The place that can make my day when it’s all cleared up and cleaned to the edges. And the only territory of home that can make me crazy and wild when it’s M-E-S-S-Y. In fact I am a little possessive of it. By chance, any body else gets to enter my kitchen, I keep a watchful eye of them about what they are doing inside. Even if they are going to move a glass from where it’s supposed to be positioned, I go screaming inside to set it right 🙂

Most impractically, I like kitchens in white. Of course, the most deadliest chore would be to keep it in white forever. Yet, it would let me put that little more effort to take a dear care of it. Here are some beautiful kitchens in white.

cocina_gamadecor_03cocina_gamadecor_20cocina_gamadecor_03This one below is compact and would hold everything closed. That would save my dusting time!

cocina_gamadecor_21The one below, I like for the warm feel of it. A vintage look!

cocina_gamadecor_23Wardrobe is another beautiful place that makes me or breaks me. No matter how many compartments the wardrobe holds, there would always be a houseful situation all the time. More the number of racks, more I sort things into groups which I often wonder whether is really necessary. I feel clothes remain safe when it’s in the laundry bag. The moment they get washed and dried up, they become a huge burden of time. Until one fine day when they get to placed neatly in the wardrobe, they sadly wander through all the territories.

armario_gamadecor_03I like this one above with those big sliding doors though I am not sure the space inside is as big as it its doors for all the sorting out that I love to do.

armario_gamadecor_04It is exciting to see neat chest of drawers because that means more sorting out! I like the drawers of different sizes in the wardrobe above. More often, it’s frustrating to accommodate things of all sizes into one big space. Ties, socks, my clutches – everything can have a space for themselves in this one. Didn’t I say it’s exciting?!

vestidor_gamadecor_02I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the designing of the wardrobe above. Wardrobes doesn’t necessarily be closed. Handy to use, this design definitely would help the last-minute hurrying-ups.

vestidor_gamadecor_03 And the last one – this is my favourite of all! Your clothes and accessories have a territory for themselves! Whoa! But they are not alienated as it is see-through on all sides. Stunning idea!

This post is sponsored by Porcelanosa. However, the opinions expressed in the post are solely mine.

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