It’s all coming back to me

“Reminds me of our first Indigo travel.”

“What Indigo?”

“Indigo – Flight – Plane – AEROPLANE……jjjjzjzjzzjzzz,” annoyed, she made the plane action like how she would explain it to her toddler son.

Her sharp stare made him realize the mistake he had just made. After all he could have pretended that he remembered some Indigo. Now it’s too late to pretend anything. Bad beginning! For the rest of the journey, he will be treated with stares now, uff!  But did he really travel in Indigo before?!

Still annoyed, Piyu turned her face to the window. The long stretch of lights on the runway brought her back to the warmth that she had felt a little while ago – the warmth of the bygone memories. It was a week after their wedding. Ram and Piyu were excited to take-off their first adventure trip to Himachal. Ram was so excited that he announced to the aunty sitting behind him in the Indigo flight that they are going to their honeymoon. How embarrassing it was then! Yet, it brought a nice feeling about him today.

It was all Ram’s plan. He preferred their newly married days to be adventurous than romantic. That was Piyu’s first experience to sit near the train door with her feet hanging down during their journey to Simla by the Kalka Express. As a girl, she was never allowed to do this at her parent’s home. And the first thrilling horse ride at Khufri! Phew! Her horse almost missed the valley in a few inches. But those two days at Sangla turned troublesome than adventurous. The place of their tent house seemed deserted except for their care taker. It seemed they were risking something big. Though they went out for a walk near the Baspa river, enjoyed the trek around the hills and had a day-out to Chitkul, the fear factor kept them gripped up all the time. But after they left Sangla, it seemed wonderfully funny.

The tree house cottage stay at Kulu, the screaming joy rides at the Kulu Dusshera festival, river rafting at Kulu, paragliding at Manali, Hot springs bath at the Manikarnika ghat…..they’ve done so much together! And Ram promised there would be several such adventurous journeys in their life ahead. But here he is today asking, “What Indigo?”

What had changed so much in just three years?  She thought.

She could hear the announcement about take-off and seat belt fastening. Ram was, as always, trying to figure out what to fix with what. Piyu quickly held his hands with her left hand and fastened his seat belt with the right. As her hair brushed her face and her hands touched his, he seemed to remember something. Yes, the last time they traveled together in the flight, it was again she who fastened his seat belt. Whoa! That was what the Indigo all about, uh?

When both settled down, he quietly spoke, “That was a beautiful trip, isn’t?

“What trip?”

“Kalka Express, horse ride, our tent house, Chitkul day-out, Kulu Dusshera festival, river rafting, paragliding, our tree house cottage, Manikarnika ghat………,” he turned to her with the pride of his stunning memory.

After all he did not change so much in three years! She thought.

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