Has anyone pooped, peed and puked on you?

What a nasty title?!!!!!

The rest of the post is not going to be any better. Scroll down at your own risk!

The only one dare enough to poop, pee and puke on me is of course my little boy. Close to a year now, I am immune to his smelly stuff; in fact it has become a divine duty day after day. If you are a mother yourself, you will agree how it worries when your little one misses his routine stuff even a day. Such a nastily heavenly chore!

Be it heavenly for me; could not be for people around me. Certainly it doesn’t smell like roses to them. When they turn at me to give that ‘Whats that smell boss’ kind of look, I would want to pretend, “No, no. Not my boy.” I happened to face it on those two fateful days. Embarrassing as it was, here goes my horror stories.

Smelly Day #1: He was around 6 months then. It was my first-time travel taking him on my own. I was a little nervous while boarding but then he dozed off soon after the train started. All went peaceful until after a long while, the woman sitting across pointed to me what my boy had done. She was too kind to point-out not just to me but to almost all the near and dear passengers around us 👿 From left, right and behind I saw people staring at me as though I did it. For some odd reason, the sight and smell was too unpleasant that day and I had to act immediately.


Unfortunately, it was one of those trains that served meals and it was exactly dinner time. It will be cruel to clean him up while the others opened their meals. Phew! I wished I had the privilege to jump out of the window 😳 The day was indeed difficult. I somehow managed to carry him and the baggage to find an empty double seat. That’s where God helped me. If not for those seats I had found, my situation would have been terrible. 

Smelly Day #2: This was worse than the previous one. It was his monthly health-check day at the hospital. His pediatrician is too strict about weighing babies with their diapers off. I agree to this logic as sometimes diapers alone weigh close to a kg. However, practically it’s a headache to all parents. And to me, it was a three-way head-splitting day as my sweet boy did all the three in the title – all at once rolleyes

Baby Boy Peeing

The nurse pointed out that he has pooped while removing his nappy. It was a crowded Saturday. I was desperate for a seat. No one would spare. Standing alone, I managed to do all the wiping. And before I could put him on a new diaper, he enjoyed peeing in the open air, wetting my clothes and forming a pool on the floor. His non-stop giggles showed up how much he enjoyed doing that silly act 😉 Embarrassed again, I had to look-out for the house keeping person to clean it up. And at last his name was called. We were waiting just outside the consultation room for our turn next. That’s when he found the right time to puke all over me eek

At last there was some kindness coming in the form of the doctor. She made no intolerance of my smelly clothes. “Puking kids are healthy kids”,  she remarked understanding that I needed a little relief after all.

It feels light to write these down today. In fact, seems a little funny especially of the happy mood and the mischievous grin that my naughty son maintained throughout his smelly adventures.

Not just me, if you dig up a dairy of any mother, several such stories would pop up. It’s like a blessing in disguise to teach us a little more patience, a little more tolerance and a little more compassion to add up to what we have already.

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