Ancient Secrets!

What do you like to tell to a would-be bride for her future?

This was my question to few relatives, friends, the active members of He-She club and few other interesting people, a week ago. Yes, I expected to hear some romantic love quotes,  some cookery tips, some enjoyment outing suggestions and may be  little realities on marriages. Well, to all the to-be-married girls, here comes a warning. Read what I heard from the married experts, you will know why ❓

My grandma says “Hmmm……being a woman, there’s a lot we need to adjust many a times with our in-laws and we are destined to be that way 🙁 And very important, land prices are ever-increasing, own a house soon 😮

An old relative says “Be smart, keep an eye on your husband’s wallet. Invest cleverly now and then 😕

My sister says “Happily spend what you’ve earned, go around, see places, do all that you both want to do 😎 but open a retirement policy 😯

A She-club babe says “Be careful with your in-laws. Keep them at a distance from the beginning, otherwise they will take you for a ride 👿

Another young girl says “Don’t be in a hurry. Do some pregnancy planning. Life is a hell after your baby is born. So think and act :roll:”.

A recently married gentleman says “Maintain your shape, first impression is the best impression ❗

And all that a He-club dude could say “Anyway you are a woman. I have nothing from my side 😳

And now what does the would-be bride have to feel about her future?

“God! another 30 years to go 😡

So here is my say:

“Dear young girls, it’s not bad to dream about romance and cooking for few days. So don’t dare to venture this question to anybody before you get married 😉 Else you too would be made to feel that marriage has nothing to do with love and romance 😆

Though on one side, the above-said replies from people sound realistic, practical, a must-to-follow factors, on other side doesn’t it feel how marriage has become so much goal oriented that in-laws and investments have to define a relationship, a marriage, a bonding and a life of living together?

How many parents and elders today tell us that love can dissolve all our differences with in-laws? How many make us realize that two people coming together can help each other decode their inner dreams taking them towards fulfillment? How many make us understand to destroy the pride in our wealth and possessions? How many has given us the values of marriage in making the two, as a couple, more and more humble with each passing by day? How many remind the couple to include salvation among their goals?

I wish we had a bunch of our ancient masters of the vedic period alive today!

And hence comes yet another revolution in this blog! Yeah, there’s a new chapter added to pages from serendipity!

Ancient Secrets – a chapter on relationships and marriages!

It’s ancient because I know I cannot discover anything anew which has been untold in the bygone centuries on love and marriages. And it’s secret because of their tendency to have escaped our busy minds and remained unexplored secrets for long.

I swear this shall not be men are from mars, women are from venus – part II 😉 Rather just another episode in sharing what we generally do not remember to share. So, do actively forward your perceptions here as it arrives in your brain inbox and mark a Cc to your spouse as well 🙂

More to come on ancient secrets………….

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  1. WoW!! I am a would be bride myself! I am already in my countdown days and yea..this is the best place I could land up for advice!! 🙂 Following your blog 🙂

  2. Aww, it is such a wonderful read. there is a shoulder always for u to fall back upon, there is a person apart from family who cares for u like no other, i like to think of marriage as a sanctuary, a very sacred abode for two people in love and learning to live with all the imperfections…knowing you, the mister prince charming riding white horse is veryyy lucky! 🙂 🙂

    1. //To live with all the imperfections//

      Yeah, pbably the best thing we can learn with anybody inlife.

      The white horse fellow is indeed lucky 🙂

  3. Being married is such a beautiful and fulfilling phase.. and I enjoy every bit of it. 🙂 Just like any other phase of childhood, college, being single, work..of course it has its ups and downs.. but at the end of the day.. nothing compares to sharing your life with that someone special, your better half as they say. Two different roads that founds its way and merged into one road, one journey together… 🙂

    1. //.. and I enjoy every bit of it. //

      It gives a wonderful feeling to read this line. Your words have been inspiring always and so it will be. Thanks Dee.

    2. //.. and I enjoy every bit of it. //

      It gives a wonderful feeling to read this line. Your words have been inspiring always and so it will be. Thanks Dee.

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