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Have you experienced a long wait for a local bus in the bus stop? If you have, you will understand how much the feeling of time getting wasted becomes stronger during those moments, even though you don’t have a busy schedule or doing a time-bound business 😉 Yesterday caught me in such a time-getting-wasted moment while awaiting for one dear market BMTC bus. And again one of my strong beliefs came true – God sends us Angels during difficult times! Yes, there came two school boys whose ambitious conversation has set fire to write this post today 💡

In plain white shirt and grey pants, one of the lads appeared so enthusiastic about life that I felt for a second if I really have an ambition to live 🙄 Well, listen to his story now – this young handsome guy’s cousin did his engineering graduation in electronics and communications, got a campus placement in an IT company, was sent to US and then to Australia and Denmark, earns a damn good package now, owns a 2000 sq.ft house in Marathahalli, bought a first class car (as always, I am poor in overhearing car names properly :?), planning to book an apartment in Devanahalli – you see, a successful person!

The young handsome guy is in the last year of school now. His cousin is his ‘damn great’ inspiration in life. And he has decided to take up engineering in electronics and communications and feels excited about following his cousin’s foot steps ……..and hey! there comes my dearest market bus!

But I am sure another story of campus placement, US, Australia, damn good package, 2000 Sq.ft house, that car, apartment……..shall continue.

A Question to You

In 1960s and 70s, being in a government job, post office savings, few lakhs and gold for daughter’s marriage, a house and pension was society’s common dream. Now the standards have changed though the strategy of a common dream continues to exist in disguise.

I am not against IT.

I am not against going to US, buying a house and a car.

I like IT, US, house and a car as anybody else.

I am neither against a common dream.

I am just curious to know what the readers of this post think about where these common dreams are taking us to.

What could be the answers to these questions?

A common dream, a common goal – how healthy has it proved to an individual? How healthy to the society?

While working towards common goals, how are we evolving as an individual in a lifetime?

Carrying common goals, how has the society evolved across generations?

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  1. The common dream of venturing out to do well in life has been in existence since long. Earlier it was the Gulf for the common man and now it is IT.
    The evolution of the individual is the same with material goals being prioritised.
    Our society has ‘evolved’ into a quick fix society leading to the Anna movement!
    And the evolution which is an ongoing process, continues!

  2. Since time immemorial common dreams in our society has centered around “existence” and “survival”. One of the reasons why our people continue to be the worker bees and not the Kings and Queens in any industry. There are a million s/w engineers who are living well making money, buying homes, cars, etc, but all of them are in lower coding positions and not at the conceptualizing levels. I don’t know whether it is lack of motivation, fear of success and responsibility that comes with it or if it is simply lack of ability.

  3. When I go to India, I feel that young people there today have so many more opportunities of doing what they wish and being successful in it.

    Being a dancer, being an artist, being more creative .. is much easier today than it ever was. May be still a lot of persons dream the common dream powered only by salary, house, car .. but those who have other dreams, they can and have so many more opportunties.

    It is not like our times when everything stopped at doctor, engineer, IAS and if all else fails, a government job.

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