Small Deed #10 – India needs us on the streets!

You and me too can be a part of the India against corruption movement. Get your spirits high and give hands  as a volunteer.

The name Anna Hazare and the whole dramatic spree of the India against corruption movement were only a read and forget, see and forget, hear and foregt articles in newspapers, television channels and empty discussions until my rendevouz with a real-time volunteer today.

We don’t like the traffic jams, we don’t like the swollen roads, we don’t like the delay in getting our driving licenses and we don’t like that Rs.200 we give to the policeman for passport verification. Infact several such dislikes have made a lot of Indians not to come back to India after staying abroad for a while.  Being among the complain-and-accept-civilians, most of us were confined to remain passive citizens of this country in the recent decades.

But if given a chance to act a complain-and-protest national, are we willing to act so? This is the question for all of us now!

Yes, India needs us on the streets today. You and me  too can be a part of the anti-corruption movement.  From distributing pamplets to promoting awareness in villages, anything that you can volunteer for is definitely a duty to the nation.

Contact Yogi – 07829788902 or SMS your details to this number, you will be given a call back.

Check how God created an Anna Hazare

Know what’s happening where and when against corruption

It isn’t bad to be at home and speak to the walls about your appreciation for this movement. But coming to the streets serves the nation better.

May you never have to suffer under the thorns of corruption!

P.S. Anything you think can be added here, please leave a comment or an email. It could be anything from removing waste from roadside to donating blood. Your suggestion will bear you a virtue and an acknowledgement in a new post.

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  1. The other day a friend and I were discussing how as kids we used to keep our chocolate wrappers in our pocket [without throwing them on the streets]. Both of us still do that. When u wanna throw away something, please look for a dustbin. If u are not able to find one in the vicinity, carry the things which can be carried with you [like chocolate wrappers, polythene covers etc] n throw them in some dustbin later. Please keep throwing on the streets as the very last option only for things which cant be carried with you, when there is no dustbin in the vicinity.

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