The Sun Enters Passionate Scorpio!

Of all that’s ever been written about Scorpio over the years, much of it — no, most of it — has been unfair, negative and worded so that those born under this Sun sign sound downright intimidating.

It’s as if simply getting to know them requires superhuman courage and a fully armed bodyguard. Well, we’re about to put an end to all that nonsense. It’s true that Scorpios are not for the faint of heart. They’re not shallow, they won’t be manipulated and they will never, ever ‘settle’ for less than what they really want. In the Scorpio mind, ‘settling’ equates with giving up — and that’s something else they’d never, ever do. Scorpios won’t stop working toward a goal until they’re convinced that it’s impossible — which takes some doing.

Even when they’re not on a mission, Scorpios are still undoubtedly sniffing out clues. They’re born detectives who are always on duty, analysts who never stop digging for answers, and investigators who are perpetually in search of information. A mystery is an invitation to these folks; what’s below the surface is simply irresistible.

And speaking of irresistible, if you’re attracted to a Scorpio and vice versa, whether it’s been 24 years or 24 hours, rest assured that they’ll never cease to amaze, astound and startle you. Just when you think you’ve got them all figured out (although you likely stopped laboring under that illusion shortly after you two met), they’ll say or do something that will cause you to find them even more fascinating. They’re loyal to a fault — but maybe just a bit too jealous at times, so don’t play games with that emotion — and perfectly willing to fire walk for you. And whether or not you opt to make the relationship legal, ‘until death do us part’ will always apply. Their love will literally last forever.

Extending warm birthday wishes to all the scorpions out there…..Thanks to Riya 😉

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  1. aah, so true!
    You forgot to mention ” extending warm birthday wishes to all the scorpions out there :P”
    On a personal note, i don’t get along too well with Scorpions, primarily they are far from being “airy” and “mercurial”…also since they are too reserved, and well bottled up 😛 and also because they are way too possessive 😛
    But inspite all this, if i have to spend small doses of time with Scorpions, i realise they are great fun to be around, their passion is contagious and their integrity, and focus is inspirational 😛
    great blog yet again,
    from your faithful follower 🙂 🙂

    1. I guess you could have written this post better with your knowledge 😉 I agree most scorpions are possessive. Again I have less scorpions around me, nothing much to comment. And thanks I know I can keep writing something because if not anybody else, one reader is still secured 🙂

  2. Hey nandhu, That’s a great post on scorpio….

    You know what, to break a misconception and divert the people to the right track has always been the need of the hour and you are doing that! This part of our life (astrology) for all of us (ofcourse the believers!) has a great influence on our day to lives to attitudes!

    Well….I liked and enjoyed those first few lines of mythbusting……keep rocking!

    1. Astrology ofcourse has! Though I still think if the zodiac personalities really match all the respective people. What an irony! Writing and doubting the same 😉 Diverting people to the right track is something God has been struggling to do for long …..Ha 😉 Haven’t checked you recent post. Will check it out. Good days to you!

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