Small Deed #2

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Carry little candies, eclairs or toffees in your pockets as often as you can. Of course to give them to others!

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Ms. Riya Palchaudhuri who shared the following good deed she was a part of, during her school days.

My school Loreto, has many branches in Kolkata, and it takes part in many charity activities in and around the city. So one such initiative taken by this Sealdah Branch of Loreto was Rainbow school to teach the kids who came from not very well-to-do families and couldn’t afford the education. We would all take turns to stay back after school and teach these kids. It was just us organising Fetes and fund raisers and buying stationaries, contributing old school books exercise books etc.

 So I would save up little candies or eclairs or toffees, when I knew my turn was coming to stay back to teach, and then when the student correctly did homework or score well in test, I would distribute them.


Teaching children is no small deed, it’s a great deed and much appreciated. And I like to bring in to your notice here about the candy part. Everyone of us can definitely do this.

Carry toffees in your pockets and remember to offer them to under privileged children, women and child beggars you come across the roads. It might bring in a new joy to them.

Also sometimes giving toffees to  – kids nearby your house, your colleague or a friend whom you meet everyday or people at home, your mom or wife – too could bring in little joy in them. Such a small thing to be a reason for joy in others, isn’t?

Wishing you many little joys of receiving toffees through out your life!

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