Small Deed #1

Let’s start the first post under small deeds great needs with wishes for all the new lives meeting our eyes.

If you ever notice a pregnant woman, even a stranger passing-by, wish* for a joyous life for the baby-to-be-born.

* Wish could be a blessing, a prayer, a thought, an intention according to your vision.

This phase in a human life is so important that physicians and psychologists say it forms the base for the rest of the life. This tiny life, so safe inside the womb, has no clue of the lifetime’s plan awaiting for the next so many years. By the next century when we all will be resting in the grave, it’s these tiny beings who will be reigning over the earth.  Let’s wish every time we see a baby growing inside, for a joyous life. And as this word spreads and everybody wishes for all the new lives, in due course of time we will witness a joyful earth in return.

To Reflect On: It is not important to hear afterwards whether the baby is born or is leading a peaceful life. It is not important to analyze if a single wish of your’s could create a change in a stranger’s life. It is not important to let her know that you made a wish for her.

All that it matters is that you did a small deed which might result in a great need for the baby’s life at some point.

Wishing all the babies-to-be-born among your near and dear ones for a joyous life too!

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P.S. Anything you think can be added here, please leave a comment or an email. It could be anything from removing waste from roadside to donating blood. Your suggestion will bear you a virtue and an acknowledgement in a new post.

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