Small Deeds Great Needs!

Not all of us have the time and money to donate for charity.  Not all of us have the time and patience to help fellow humans. Not all of us have the time and desire to pray for the mother earth. Well, we are not to be blamed, our roles in life are such.

Now, will you be interested in something like this?

No Money. No Patience. No Desire.

Just few seconds of your time and a small deed that meets a great need for somebody!

Not bad at all, isn’t?

That’s exactly this place small deeds great needs will talk about. Posts will be kept brief explaining the small deed which can be put in effect practically by anybody from anywhere at anytime. Please load the point in your memory and allow your will to act at the right moment.


Wishing you what you do to come back to you!!!


P.S. Anything you think can be added here, please leave a comment or an email. It could be anything from removing waste from roadside to donating blood. Your suggestion will bear you a virtue and an acknowledgement in a new post.


To get an idea of what this is like, read Small Deed #1

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  1. 🙂 i love d small deed u wrote, its so considerate n unconditional 🙂
    small deed #2 : There was a Rainbow school started by our batch in school, and we would all take turns to stay back after school and teach these kids, who came from not very well-to-do families, and couldn’t afford the education if not for this free-school 🙂
    so i would save up little candies or eclairs or toffees, when i knew my turn was coming to stay back to teach, and then when the student correctly did homework or score well in test, i would distribute them. all in all, i think i as a person grew from the experience of spreading the very little knowledge that i have, and i have no idea where those kids are today, but surprisingly i actually remember their faces so well .knowing me, nandindin di, u prolly should be knowing how bad my memory is, so i am surprised that i still recall vividly their faces…they left a lot of impact on me…
    its a small thing, but this is a good idea to spread the word around.

    1. I can believe you distributed toffees but did you teach them as well 😉 Hehaahe….!

      It’s actually true that we remember their faces. While I was in college, with my batchmates we regularly visited an orphanage. And there was a girl sharing my name, so we had a good bonding. And I still remember her face. Long after my college days, I once received a letter from this girl surprisingly. But how bad…. I procastinated writing one in reply for her and atlast lost the letter and contacts. Difficult to forgive myself for that.

      Do write little more in detail about the shool. Good thing you guys did. Will post the small deed #2 soon.

      Keep visiting!

  2. yes, that is indeed very sad. But you never really know, you might bump into her somewhere 🙂 She wrote to you, that is so sweet, she remembered you even then… that is beautiful 🙂
    My school Loreto, has many branches in Kolkata, and it takes part in many charity activities in and around the city. So 1 such initiative taken by this Sealdah Branch of Loreto was to teach the kids for free, and when we were in 8th std, we started the same thing in our branch 🙂
    It was just us organising Fetes and fund raisers and buying stationaries, contributing old school books exercise books etc etc, and staying back after school in batches of 10, and teaching the kids 🙂

  3. Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.

    1. How did I miss to see this comment for more than 3 years! Thank you. If ever one day you will see this comment, please try to remember what you were searching for and let me know. Just a curiosity, thanks.

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