The Sun Enters Nurturing Cancer!

Just as this little creature carries its home wherever it goes, the Sun’s transit through this homebody sign reminds us of the importance of spending time in familiar environments with those we cherish.      


The Summer Solstice is marked by the entrance of the Sun into Cancer, opening doors and your heart to a new journey where your emotional life and compassion for yourself and others play a leading role!      

According to most Sun sign guides, Cancers are famous for one thing: their love of home and family. In fact, they’re often portrayed as being fond of nothing else … although this tends to be a nearsighted description. While it’s true that Cancers have an innate loyalty toward their roots — especially toward the people and places who have shaped their memories — there’s a lot more to them than simply where they came from. They’re also concerned with where they’re going, and with finding the safest way to get there. So when dear ones are involved, a Cancer will spare nothing to ensure they’re not exposed to dangers on any level. They can even be a bit protective at times, so much so that they need to be careful of a tendency to overdo it!      

The one trait that’s not usually mentioned under Cancer’s list of qualities, however, is the one most important to them: privacy. Their symbol is the crab, after all — a creature so fond of its own world that it carries a shell on its back, into which it may retreat at any time!      

When it comes to relationships, there’s absolutely nothing Cancers won’t do for a loved one. They’re capable of very deep feelings and, especially in romantic relationships, this can often mean they’re easy prey. As a means of self-protection, they need to be careful in matters of the heart.      

As parents, Cancers offer an endless supply of nurturing, even if it’s aimed toward animals, plants or even other people’s kids. These folks certainly have a knack for taking good care of anyone or anything that needs them.      

In short, Cancers make the world a better, kinder place!      


      Finally, happy birthday to all you Cancers!      

Your natural nurturing instincts remind us all to be compassionate and look out for others!      


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