The Sun Enters Regal Leo!

Leo proudly bears the symbol of the lion, something that didn’t happen by accident!

It’s an association brought about by this sign’s reputation for being brave, strong and fearless. Since the lion is the king of the jungle, he also endows his signature sign with the qualities of a natural ruler. Leos can pull the mantle of authority over their shoulders at a moment’s notice and start barking out orders — benevolently, of course — just as quickly. To pull it all off, certain qualities are a must: charisma, to start with, along with the ability to enchant and enthrall the masses. Like those of many popular leaders, Leos’ followers often seem to simply fall in love with them!

Bringing all those qualities into a relationship means several things: First off, the Lion’s partner can’t help but feel honored and, at times, a bit overwhelmed by the task of measuring up. If you’re a Leo yourself, you’ll of course do your best to let your chosen partner know that nothing is too good for them. You’ll put everything you have into showing that lucky soul they not only deserve you, but are also worthy of anything; the best of everything is all that will do. Luckily for the rest of us, Leos automatically endow their loved ones with a sense of worth that not too many others can match. They also carry themselves with regal demeanor, so whomever happens to be on their arm can’t help but also feel royal.

There’s a humble side to Leo, however — again, only when it comes to the ones the Lion loves. This kingly sign will go out of its way to make anything happen for cherished friends and family, whenever it’s humanly possible. But don’t fear, Leos: While it’s not your ultimate goal, this unparalleled devotion ensures that you’ll receive the same in return, with just as much emotional extravagance.

Speaking of extravagance, Leos are famous for that as well! Not only that, but Leos are also known to be lavish, theatrical and, at times, a tad on the melodramatic side (even in the company of those they’ve just met!). Keeping the latter qualities in check is their greatest challenge, and what keeps them honest and reputable. So, to all you Lions out there, find a way to strut your stuff on a stage that deserves your presence — and in a way that preserves your dignity — and you’ll do the other residents of your jungle proud!

Special Birthday wishes to all the LEOS out there proudly sharing my own sign!!!

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  1. yes, being surrounded by a dad and an elder sister, best friends, and nandhindhin di here…leos are love-able and respect worty…love ur writing 🙂

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