A Long Day of Struggled Knitting

How often I’ve seen Indian ladies move their hands so gracefully with their needles. When it came to my hands….Phew! Never imagined knitting could be this difficult!

My yet-to-be-born neice inspired me to knit a sweater for her, just because it sounded an awesome personal gift for our first little one of the family. I am a knitting-illiterate, nevertheless, I thought it should just take me a day to look out for a good shop, get the wool and needles together, type ‘learn to knit’ in youtube, get started and get the sweater done in a week’s time and my imagination extended to she wearing my proud gift, putting  the snaps of her with my sweater on her walls and as she grows, treasures the little suit forever……well, well here comes the reality.

Looking for a shop was easy as my ever-to-help friend took me straight without round-abouts. The uncle in the shop was sweet enough to give me the best quality wool for new-borns (most expensive too :(). The typical Indian-knitting aunty in there suggested me some needle sizes and things were got and the precious precursors were stored to be eyed atleast once in a day for a week awaiting the weekend to fetch youtube.com.

Today was that unfortunate saturday! The very first video in youtube was a great one, teaches knitting from the first knot so simply well. I realised though that a sweater to begin with would be little too much, so came down to a baby blanket as it just needs a straight stretch of knits. Well, started with the baby pink wool, following the video. The first casting came so pretty, patting myself  it’s all in my genes.

With the start of the second row, realised it requires little more practice for the blanket, so came down to a baby scarf. The expensive wool, uncle suggested me was too fine, too delicate that with every knot there was a bunch of fur coming off. Not yet frustrated, got an hold of a small old bundle of ordinary wool. Tried the casting and second row, looked like this would work.

Good, ran to a near-by shop and got ordinary wool rolls. Again into the process now, thought nothing can go wrong this time. However felt scarf could be much more premature to try, so came down to a small stretch of plain peice. This time second row was crossed successfully. Then came the fatal third row. It was as though the needles were drunk, they weren’t forming the right loops. Half stuck somewhere, thought the needles weren’t good enough for a beginner.

My innovative brain caught my wooden paint brushes which should serve the needle purpose for a much well-spaced loops. Almost nearing frustration by now, wasn’t able to cross even the second row this time. Pink colour is not doing well, may be. Tried with green next, hoping the colour factor should work. The second row wasn’t fixing even this time.

All demotivated now, rested my needles. May be saturdays aren’t good for knitting. Blogging should be better. And here came this post :)))

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  1. hey .. wonderful i could literally could imagine everything and thought i was with you there listening to this for a minute. Such a wonderful way of describing things .. U have very good writing skills. How much enthu u have to learn new things, u r a role model nandhu, am becoming fan of yours..

  2. Hahahhah……Thanks a lot! I know how you flatter people 🙂 I have nothing big to get occupied these days, so mind is free enough to work 🙂 I can imagine too your expressions on your face as I was reading your words. So much of a feeling we attach while we write that it gets transferred to somebody on the other side of earth. I am glad you had a look. Keep visiting when you get time.

  3. LOL Wow!! Another aspect of your writing is to knit a humorous post from wool….Who could ever attempt such a weird thing …Are you an alien?? Nope I heard your niece moaning that you are an angel….

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