Does ‘Soulmates’ Interest You?

They travel across the oceans of time to be with you again. They look different, but your heart knows them.  

                                 – From Only Love Is Real by Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. (Psychiatrist)  


Once I sat by my friend,  

who works 12 hours a day, sleeps for 4 hours a day with 1 hour of deadlines-haunted dreams, calculating twice a day about paying off his home loan, car  loan, checking thrice a day for dates, dates?? Ofcourse for ‘last day without late fee’ for his credit card, school fees, EMIs…  

And started telling him that I read a book on souls and reincarnation. He reacted by hitting his laptop keys more harder than ever. But the cruel in me continued.  

“The author is a psychiatrist and narrates his experience with his patients travelling back  in time”.  

This time he looked at his credit card bill which had been pinned to the board in the front as though to let me know that his soul is not going to pay the bill for him. I suppressed my smile and couldn’t stop doing this harassment. Yes, poor he, I continued.  

“The book talks on soulmates, how we  recognise and reunite with our soulmates life after lives”.  

Now his fingers stopped for a while, his eyes looked away from his laptop into mine for a moment before resuming and nodding his head, signaling me to continue.  

This is the common response I see even with the busiest person. We do not experience ourselves as a soul, we do not remember previous lifetimes, so it’s impractical for us to believe in the existence of souls and theory of reincarnation. Then why does a topic on soulmates interest us?  

The so-called ‘an unexplained recognition of having known for long’ that we feel while we meet a new person, I guess, is the prod to dwell on this concept of soulmates. Though we do not know if soul exists, many of us believe that soulmates exist because we have experienced the comfort and trust being in the presence of a soulmate. It’s just that we may not have associated them with the term ‘soulmate’.  

People who have experienced say it’s just not an ordinary human feeling, but a love much beyond verbal description. And I do not believe that only few can experience. If the feeling of love can be perceived by everybody on earth, such loving recognitions can also be realized by everybody. Then what stops many from experiencing?  

Being blind to our innerselves.  

First of all, to give sense to feel those subtle recognitions of love with other people is important. When such a beautiful comforting feeling arises, our logical mind interferes, stops and we go along with our minds. It requires of us to value what our hearts speak. I feel such small, thoughtful efforts can only take us more inward, bringing gradual healing and understanding to all broken, disconnected  relationships over a period of time. 

More to come on soulmates. All are welcome to share your precious experiences on soulmates in your own life. 

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12 Replies to “Does ‘Soulmates’ Interest You?”

  1. LORVE the picture!!!! i tink i met mine…tell u all about it…that buk i finished on the last day on the 2P bus, which i had boarded widout a bus pass 😛 awesome writin 🙂 🙂

  2. You would know if you meet your soulmate right? Is it like love at first sight or something?


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