Know Your Soul

“Man is a soul and has a body”

“My  angel tells me to get in touch with your family. I need to incarnate on earth in a year as one of my soul mates is already there”

“Nice to meet you. I remember spending time with you in a train journey 200 years before,  somewhere near central India.”

“Is it? See, this is my 78th turn, so I do not remember everybody I have met so far”.

“I understand. So what’s your life plan this time?”

“I heard your family is in to classical music. I am looking for one like that as my plan is to meet my twin soul while in a musical concert, 23 years from now”.

“True. The last 5 of our generations had been in to music profession. You can be trained well in Indian music. By all means we shall support you to meet your soul mate. We are planning to become pregnant now and I too had been discussing with my guide to send someone to us “.

“Well, I have been given 2 more families to converse with, I will get back to you in few hours”.

“That’s fine. I will have a word with my husband in the meantime”.

(For those of you who could get nowhere reading the above – This is an imaginary conversation between a soul < trying to choose her parents to be born in their family > and a mother < planning to become pregnant and looking for a soul to be born as her child > – Preconception stage)

How I wish we had the access to such conversations! How I wish we just make a call to angels to ask them the secret behind our births! How I wish we know when and where we will meet our destined people! How I wish all of us understand that we are immortal souls, way beyond what we think we are! How I wish we can see each other as souls, having an individual purpose, a unique path in our journeys!

But on the contrary how much we are confined to one body, confined to one small mind, to one family, to the few senses, to the limited human consciousness! How much we compete each other in our lives  for everything – starting with grades in school till the cemetery we will be buried! How much we focus on money, bank balance, property, savings, fame, power, position – claiming to be climbing up the ladder of success – without understanding that none of these can comfort us during the last days of our lives. Racing, racing, racing with a cup of tea in hand – never knew what warmth it had, what the taste was, what the aroma was – and at last when we look down at the cup in the death-bed, the tea is already gone. Many of our lives just pass like that.

True, we cannot see our souls just like that as we meet a doctor on appointment. To believe or not to believe in the existence of a soul is up to the understanding of an individual, I would say.  From my experiences, I now know that coming closer to the realization of one’s soul is all again serendipitous 🙂


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  1. The second last paragraph is so true…(the part i understood) hehe…This time the conversation came off v.well…v.communicative 😛 u had a certain critic na? is He impressed? or still bein critical (if yes, den i dnt lyk him!!!)

  2. Just remembered something after reading this post of urs…somewhere in ‘Many masters Many lives’ Weiss mentions abt ‘childhood myths’ n the possibility for its vague proximity to truth. I used to cycle bck home after school n used to think how to choose those 3 wishes for the next birth intelligently [used to imagine tat God gives us 3 choices to choose for ur next birth n however intelligent we r in choosing such tat we get all tat we want, God knows how to beat us n place twists n turns into our lives]

    1. Childhood myth……..nice thing to think about. Shall write a post on this 😉

      So 3 wishes decided yet?? Its a new fantasy I am hearing about, interesting though.

      Glad for your visits here, thanks for your thoughts and do keep coming back often.

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