The Sun Enters Twin Gemini!

Sun transiting through Gemini gives me a fond rememberance of all the Geminis who have crossed my path. Truly, you guys are the main reason for life on this planet to be fun for the rest of us!!!   
Smoke Art 'Gemini' by Stoffel De Roover


Gemini is the most lighthearted sign in the zodiac, hands down. The Twins’ circle of acquaintances is as varied as their interests, so they see an awful lot of invitations. Of all the reasons we love to have our Gemini pals around, their wit comes first. These folks find humor in absolutely everything, and their ability to say what’s on their minds — in extremely entertaining fashion — is world-famous and well deserved. These word-wizards and storytellers are able to uncannily impersonate anyone and anything at the drop of a hat, including accents, gestures and subtle idiosyncrasies no one else would ever notice. But then, if Gemini were a business, its name would likely be Details-R-Us!       

True to the nature of its ruling planet, Mercury, Gemini is also quite communicative. So during those rare times when these talkative Twins aren’t chatting on the phone, IM’ing with a friend or answering their voluminous email, they’re probably keeping their restless minds active by doodling or solving a puzzle or word game!       

Constellation Gemini 'the twins' (center) shows two parallel stick figures (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)


As for the dualities this sign is famous for? They’re all true. In reality, there are a lot more than just two sides to the average Gemini, and each facet of this versatile sign has a fascinating story to tell. All that being said, it’s easy to see that the one thing they just can’t stand is being bored, tied down or isolated. ‘Variety is the spice of life’ is this sign’s very own motto, and Gemini lives every second with it in mind.       

So if you’re a Gemini yourself, you know this all boils down to the fact that you can’t stand being in a rut — especially when it comes to relationships. Your sign has been called fickle more than once, but that’s not fair. The Twins are perfectly capable of being faithful, as long as the person they’re with is witty and interesting enough to keep them interested. No, it’s not an easy task, but it’s well worth it.       

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  1. Oh My God!!!!! hehe, i was always proud to be a gemini, now i suddenly grew wings and i am upwards bound 🙂 🙂 true, true, specially the last part, v r v.faithful if the person in front of us are colorful and entertaining….and DESERVING….and…im not sayin this cuz u wrote a blog on geminis…but also coz….all the LEOs i have made are able to sustain my interest, simply by bein equally interestin and smart 😛 🙂
    Though the interests are varied, the “Jack of all trades master of none” tag pops up evr so often…only a few understand…sadly wats normal and borin n “rules” is not even in the option list…genetically v.hard for the geminis…
    Love ur blog Nandhindhin di…..although i dnt blog…il write a piece on the lions among us and mail u 🙂 hehe….miss u loads!!!

    1. Thanks Vyankatesh. True, though am myself not so much into zodiacs, its interesting every month to write on this.

      Welcome to this blog. A moment please seems to be interesting. Shall read it in leisure.

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