5 Secret Tips to Lose Weight – Without Diets, Without Work-Outs

As a yoga teacher a common question I was always asked in the introduction class from the woman’s side was “Can I reduce my body weight by yoga?”

Losing weight will definitely be in the top 5 topics for the century! How much we hear of painful work-outs, starving diets and expensive pills! Especially when your wedding date is near, when you have to go on a date after a long time, and after your baby is born, how much you yearn to crush those fat toppings! Here are 5 simple rules that probably you didn’t know to lose your weight.

1. Admire the fat in you! The next time you stand in front of the mirror, don’t hate the extra fat in your tummy. They belong to you. And it is not fair to reject them. I’ve noticed few plumpy women in rest rooms and elevators where there are mirrors, they feel so embarrasing to look at their own bodies in front of other people. If you can master the art of loving your tummy, probably you are half there already. Grab all opportunities even a passing window panel, to admire your fat!

2. Admire the fat in others! Now this one must be more surprising than the first. Out of all the girls in my office (including the slim and shapy ones), the most I admire is a fat girl, you know for what – she doesn’t project the thought that she is fat to others. She seems to be so comfortable with her size and weight that you can notice it in her walk, in her eyes and so unmindful of whether others notice her size or not, so unmindful of adjusting her clothes – she really has a charm of being happy with her own body. It requires to be unmindful of others’ size to be the same with you. Let’s truly appreciate others for their persona and not for their fat content.

3. If you can’t stop worrying, you can’t stop adding! Worrying not only about your fat but also about everything in life. I know it is not as easy as written, yet I wanted to reiterate this observation I found in many women around, that depression attracts more fat to the body. Remember to work on your mind before you try all that heavy work-outs.

4. Don’t starve, eat without guilt! It’s not just the food that you take in is responsible for your weight but also the thoughts that you attach with your food. “I should not have butter, I will put on weight”, “I only had a slice of bread, so I will not put on weight”. In either case your emphasis is on ‘put on weight’. So this is the main intent with the food that enters your cells. Don’t attach your ‘weight’ consciousness while you eat. Just close your eyes and enjoy what’s on your plate.

5. Appreciate your womanhood, see beyond your body! Curves are NOT a mark of womanhood, beauty is much beyond! When you send out a message to the universe that you wholly admire yourself, universe responds to you by really making you completely fit and admirable. The next time while you walk in the mall, don’t tuck in your tummy. Be happy to let people know that you love your tummy.

May be all the 5 sounds like ‘how to feel good about your fat’. Make these in practice and you will realize that they have the power to make those extra pounds shed too 🙂

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  1. very true very true….all the 3 points are tried and tested by me…and it works like a charm for me… 🙂 awesome awesome post…loved it

  2. I like the first point maybe I would like to rephrase the explanation.
    1. Admire the fat in you! The next time you stand in front of the mirror….please don’t stand in from of the mirror that probably works much better…ignorance is bliss ;P

    2. Admire the fat in others! Now this one which is not surprising at all…look at the first fat lady in office and admire her fat, tell her how much chubby and lovely she is that she did look much better if she was…well ‘FATTER’…this would work out for the ADMIRER as the FATnbeautiful Lady will see to it that she reduces you down to size after what you have just said to her.

    3. If you can’t stop worrying, you can stop adding! Worrying/being upset is ok as it actually makes you stop having interest in food..it’s only a problem if inspite of being worried about you still want to fell good about it and don’t indulge yourself.

    4. Don’t starve, eat without guilt!..I agree with this .Be true to yourself fi you feel like your making a sacrifice for your looks most probably you would feel obligate to quit it.

    5. Appreciate your womanhood, see beyond your body! Curves are NOT a mark of womanhood, beauty is much beyond!well said sometimes FAt content is just GENETIC/HORMONAL no use worrying about it…so with/without FAT don’t Flaunt thy Flesh…your body is not for (public)display…keep it personal and live this point practically…being Free Eye candy is not what a girl should be REduced to…DRESS DECENT.

    Kudos to a good blog!

    1. 1. Standing in front of the mirror is facing the enemy on the face, ignoring is running of fear .

      2. Oh, got your point at last after reading quite a lot of times 😛 Another way of looking at fat woman 🙂

      3. First case: It is also possible that depression leads to overeating. This is called compulsive overeating. You can chk this in here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compulsive_overeating. Most oftendeprivations and hardships experienced as a child are strong triggers to an uncontrolled eating episode.

      Second case: People who keep worrying most often tend to get disinterested in eating as you have pointed out. Their body goes into ‘starvation mode’ and holds the fat instead of releasing it. Their metabolism goes to a halt,so basically, they are not burning any fat.

      Either case, weight gain is possible.

      4. and 5. very important for every woman.

      Thanks for your inputs. Thanks for dropping by.

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