Experience Vs. Education: What do you think matters to Children?

education in india

Their childhood is precious. Childhood is to be the foundation of experiences and not education! Can their ‘education’ wait until they become 5 or 6 years old? If it’s the school that is the problem, shall we think again. What should we weigh more? Our child’s childhood, or the convenient school? Though it involves practical difficulties, a child’s school can be changed anytime. But, a child’s childhood comes only once.Even if the school is too much focussed on academics, can we as parents, be easy on our children at least until they are 6 or 7-years old? Can we allow them to experience childhood? Can we allow them to play, paint, swing, laugh, listen, sing and dance in those few hours they might be focussing on writing everyday? Remember it’s not the amount of time that they are spending on writing. But the focus that is put to the brain. Can we allow their brains to focus more on child things than the adult things – things that adults want a child to do?

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