DIY Science Experiments for Kids #AtoZChallenge2021

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With COVID, lockdown, no-school, and the things that followed, the little boy began to set his own creative syllabus that included a little of science, a dose of crafts, and an overdose of noisy plays – the kind of story at every other house! And a part of that story is coming on my blog as AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2021!

Yay! I am going to discuss the DIY science experiments that were some big hits with us and likely to be with you as well!


To give you a history of science learning in our home the little boy was not formally introduced to science until 6 years. His school doesn’t teach science as a subject yet. The initial forms of science learning happened out of the discussions that followed his questions. Experiential science were around simple stuff at home like magnifying glass, magnets, torch lights, recycle plastic bottles, etc., most of which were more a part of his playtime than ‘learning science’.

Around 7, being at home full time following the lockdown had let us explore and experiment some basic science principles. We didn’t follow a textbook, a syllabus, a learning structure, or anything of that sort. Some random discussion, some random wiring in our brains, and tada, we get geared up for an experiment!

The reason I am talking about this history is to remind all the parents here to go along with your child’s interests, curiosities, and pace of learning. I encourage you to visit my last AtoZ blogging series on Things that really matter to Children, where I talked about what your child should know should depend on your child’s area of interests rather than your child’s age or what other children of your child’s age know.

Said that, let’s get into some interactive discussions this April on introducing and pursuing science for our kids. I am hoping to get a lot more ideas from the fellow parents around. Please share in the comments your experiences of the experiments I post, the ones that you recommend from your list of hits, and anything that’s related to science education for kids.

See y’all in April!

Here’s the full list of DIY Science Experiments in this series:

A for Air – Does Air has Weight?

B for Buoyancy – Can Egg float on Salt Water?

C for Capillary action – Rainbow Walking

D for Density – 3 Layer Density Experiment

E for Earth & Moon – Why does the Moon change its shape?: Phases of the Moon

F for Fire – Does Fire need Oxygen to Burn?

G for Gravity – Defying Gravity

For your information, here’s what happened in the Aprils in the past!

In 2017, I came up with a series of 26 posts on Motherhood Emotions. My second little one was six months then; a phase when the emotions of the just-born mom had revived in me. Every word of what I had written for the series remains a cherished bunch in my heart and on the blog. She’s two and a half now and with the first one nearing six, I am six years into motherhood now! And with every passing-by year, it feels I have even more to write on motherhood.

In 2018, I blogged a series of 26 posts on the Evolution of Marital Relationships. Though I terribly failed to keep up the AtoZ blogging timeline, I managed to complete the series on the 31st December. The timeline part apart, writing this series was a reflective experience of its own kind. If writing can bring in life-changing contemplation, it happened to me with this series.

In 2019, continuing to evolve in my motherhood journey, I wrote a series of 26 posts on the Things that really matter to Children. From focusing on making my boy learn alphabets in 2014 to setting him free to choose what he wants to do by 2016, the way I observed a child transformed significantly. And from there came this series that talks about understanding children by getting into their world instead of from our worlds.

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