DIY PlayDough Nativity Scene for Kids

play doh nativity set

Playdough is one of the super fun materials to engage kids in an interesting way. If you have a bunch or a box full of playdough at home, you can amuse your little ones with some magical stories for Christmas.

We got a clay box as secret Santa’s gift from V’s school. At other times, it could have been opened and mixed over to multi-coloured balls in just a few minutes. But this time, we had saved it to make something meaningful out of it. And guess what? The little boy came with the idea of making a nativity set using his playdough gift. And, for the next one hour, we had some creative time together setting up a quick nativity scene and learning the story behind it.

Try exploring along with the little hands of your homes, to create a cute Christmas crib. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Play clay/dough
  • Cardboard
  • Fevicol and scissors
  • Straw (if you can make it possible to get; for some added fun)

Shaping and making things with clay is more of creativity than a structured activity. So, I leave it to your imagination of how you want the dolls in the nativity scene to be molded.

To begin with make balls out of dough. Kids are sure to feel expert at this one 🙂 So, start with this.

In our version of the nativity set, we kept the dolls simple. We flattened the balls, and rolled the edges on to each other, making a hollow cylindrical structure for the body. This can now stand on its own.

A small ball for the face and a matching headband for each of them 😆 And, finish the pieces with eyes, and add facial features you feel okay to do.

For the manger, we used a piece of cardboard and laid a lot (really a lot) of straw all over. The place was too much a mess with the little twos jumping and rolling over the straw. I let them have the fun, as part of their Christmas fun 🙂

Decorate with colourful lights or papers and see the joy and memory it leaves in all of you.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and may Santa bestow some choicest gifts to all your hearts!

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