Li’l Skolar Contest by Skola Toys – Kids Event Chennai

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Saturday, the 1st December 2018, saw us at the Li’l Skolar contest, a kids event, organized by Skola Toys. It was a jam-packed event with back-to-back, one-on-one contests for three age groups.

Goli Soda Store (an accompaniment of the Ashvita Bistro) at Alwarpet, Chennai was the venue for the contest. You can find catchy, eco-friendly products at the Goli Soda Store. And Skola Toys are on of their listed products. So now you get the Skola-Goli Soda connection! 😉

chennai kids event

Located at an happening part of the city, Ashvita is a small space but gave us a warm invite with their pleasant garden collection.

ashvita bistro chennai

Our little boy had been to a bloggers’ meet last year by Skola Toys with the mommy. He got to play with quite a lot collection of their toys. The car ramps and the restaurant geometry were a few of his favourites. I remember he had spent some focussed time doing the dino maze. You can check out our experience and videos of the toys collection at the 2017 Skola Toys event here.

So, Skola is a familiar name to him and he was all geared up for another kids event by Skola for the second consecutive year. We had registered for the event online, but when we checked in at the venue, bah! our names weren’t to be found in the participants’ list. That feeling of the ‘uninvited guest’ 🙁 We did got to do a hand-written registration, anyways; but it would feel better if these kind of glitches can be foreseen and taken care of.

Nevertheless, the crowd and the kids didn’t fail to get us into the spirit of the event. There were three stations, one for each age groups (3-4 yrs, 4-5 yrs and 5-6 yrs). Yet another table with a display of selected Skola toys was overflowing with busy kids.

Two kids of the same age group were to challenge each other in a given task. The one who completed it the first was declared the winner. The winner was immediately felicitated with a Skola toy as a gift. The one who did not win received a Skola toy, as well as a gift. Yeah, every child who came in walked out with a Skola toy in their hands. (If my assumption is right, there must have been around 120 – 150 kids at the event). Wonderful, isn’t it?

skola toys
The pile of Skola Toys prizes, getting emptied

Our boy had to do the word building task (5-6 yrs group) with the Word Wheel toy. It is a wooden wheel with five rotatable orbits. Each orbit has alphabets printed on them. By rotating the wheels and aligning alphabets within  the window boxes, children can form words. A booklet with simple 4-lettered and 5-lettered words is provided to help children recreate them on the word wheel. As a parent, I am a great fan of this simple toy and would definitely recommend for building kids’ vocabulary.


I felt that in spite of its high value as an educational toy, it didn’t seem a great idea to have it for a kids’ contest. A puzzle or an activity like dino maze could have been more fun to kids. Most kids were quiet, trying hard to figure out the alphabets from the booklet and searching them on the wheel. The moms, on the other hand, were enthusiastic to make their kids win. Most were dictating the alphabets from the booklet and some didn’t realize they were actually playing on behalf of their kids 😆 Perhaps, I was the only careless mom who was taking pictures instead of helping her child 😀

word building toy

The Skola team definitely deserves genuine appreciation for their constant involvement and encouragement to the kids. They were friendly and patient to repeat the same instructions to every pair of contestants. I particularly adored the way they cheered up the winners and how they made sure the runners-up kids did not feel bad. Skola has a great team there!

Here’s our Li’l Skolar with his runner-up prize, yay!

lil skolar kids contest

Our warm thanks to Skola Toys. We definitely look forward to future kids events with Skola. And of course, we will continue to be great fans of Skola products.

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