A Parents-Kids Event at KLAY Play School & DayCare, Perungudi, Chennai

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February 24th 2018 saw us a group of parents and little kids spend a few happy hours of interesting time at KLAY, a prep school and daycare, at their Perungudi branch, Chennai. KLAY organized a special event to celebrate the season of love, facilitating age-wise activities for the participation of parents with their children of ages 8 months to 10 years.

klay season of love event

Join me to read and watch the little giggles that filled us through the event, last weekend.

The plan of the event is detailed below; each of these events were happening simultaneously in different rooms of KLAY.

Here’s a quick walk through of the event. Read further down to know more about KLAY.

Season-of-Love-Poster-Chennai KLAY

It was a delight to watch the tiny ones enthusiastically follow their facilitator sing and act nursery rhymes. I personally admired the energy and natural ease with which teachers at KLAY could connect with the children. It wasn’t a ‘I do – You do’ session. Rather, while a group of kids closely followed the teacher, the rest of the busy ones kept exploring the classroom while repeating the rhymes or swaying their hands in between 😆

klay classroom

The theatre workshop was an amusing interactive performance. A dramatic piece on C-O-C-O-N-U-T combined with the formation of alphabets using hands and body was demonstrated for children to learn and perform.

kathalaya story telling

My four-year-old was glued for a longer time at the story telling session. Ms. Shree from Kathalaya took the kids (parents, as well) at awe with her peppy tales. Children’s favourite, Gajapathi Kullapathi, was live performed, followed by the story of a caterpillar to butterfly. She also did a few children’s book-reading sessions. Ms. Shree had a natural charm for voices, emotions and expressions which engaged children in an amusing way. At least for my boy, this was his first experience to listening to a story telling and he did it with open mouth 🙂

kids art activities

The top floor of the KLAY building awaited us with the further delights of the day. There were a few art corners where children could sit down to create some interesting art activities. The play areas were added fun. The cup cake art needs a special mention because it gave a yummy delight to all of the little fellows.

cup cake art

klay art

More about KLAY

KLAY is a well-known chain of pre-schools and daycare centres, reaching a hundred locations this week, spread across seven cities in India. KLAY understands the needs of working parents who want their child to remain safe, cared, entertained and educated while they have to be away for work. It provides pre-schooling, day care and after school care for infants of 6 months to children of ten years of age.

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From the little time I spent at KLAY, I wish to deliver a few notable observations about the place:

  • Access to 24-hours live CCTV facility is one of the reassuring factors for parents to prefer KLAY. A parent may never have to spend a worried day at the office of how their loved little is being taken care of at KLAY.

 klay perungudi chennai

  • Every nook and corner of the building is made child-safe. From the images below, you can find how the stairways is covered completely on all sides, every pillar or protruding wall is provided with child-proof cushion coverings and sturdy gates protect children from running up and down the staircases.

klay school

klay safety

klay daycare

  • Classrooms and wash rooms are well-maintained and hygienic. The bright look on the play mats, chairs, tables cots, windows, toy racks and play equipment speak for themselves the care gone into their regular cleaning and maintenance.

klay perungudi

  • Learning aids and play resources are adequate in numbers, are of good quality and hoard a collection which can facilitate learning and development in young children. Most are wooden puzzles, building blocks and other tools to improve dexterity, spatial, linguistic, logical and role play skills.

klay education

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We are glad that we could make it to the event. We look forward for more such interactive events from KLAY in the future. If you are a parent looking for a safe day care and play schooling option for your child, do visit your near-by KLAY centre, interact with the teachers and discuss with fellow parents who have their kids study in KLAY. As a parent, my gut says KLAY would be a nice place for kids to spend their precious early learning years.

If you have an experience in sending your child to KLAY, please leave a comment below. It may be helpful for a parent who is the deciding process.

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