Keeping Home Air Healthy – A Visual Education for Children

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It is important for children to learn about the several dust particles that can pollute the air in our homes. When they understand the harmful effects these pollutants cause, they may as well follow some good habits in order to reduce air contamination. Here is a short video that explains with the use of toys, a few major air pollutants, their health impacts and preventive measures, in a simple manner, for children to understand.

I suggest parents to sit along with the children to verbally explain the information from the video.

The content in the video is presented below in the form of images.

Let us see how the air in our homes  gets dusty and how we can keep it clean.

Indoor air pollution carbonmonoxide poisoning

Mia is cooking in the kitchen. A harmful chemical called Carbon Monoxide is released while cooking. If this chemical has no way to leave the kitchen, it can cause headaches and dizziness. To prevent it, it is good to fix a ventilator system like a chimney above the gas stoves. A chimney would absorb the harmful  chemicals and take it to the outside air. Creating good ventilation in the cooking area by opening the doors and windows can also keep the indoor air clean.

Indoor air pollution formaldehyde

Mitu is seated on the wooden chair when she feels a burning sensation in her eyes. Bandu is near the wooden wardrobe and has a sudden breathing difficulty. Some wooden furniture release a harmful chemical called formaldehyde into the air which when inhaled can make us feel sick. In order to reduce formaldehyde in the air, consider wall paints like Royale Atmos by Asian Paints.


Bandu is sleeping on her bed. She gets disturbed by a severe cough. Tiny insects called dust mites can grow over mattresses, pillows, curtains and stuffed toys. Dust mites can be seen only through a microscope. What is a microscope? A microscope is an equipment with which tiny things which human eyes cannot see, can be seen.

Indoor air pollution dustmite prevention

Children should not jump on the bed, otherwise dustmites from the mattresses can pollute the air of the sleeping room. Children must use the rest room just before bedtime to prevent bed wetting, which can make the dust mites grow faster. Also, keeping the doors and windows of the sleeping room open, can get rid of dustmites.

vacuum cleaner toy

Vacuum cleaning mattresses, pillows, carpets and curtains regularly can also remove dustmites.

Indoor air pollution pet dander

Mitu is playing with the puppy. And she begins to sneeze. Yes, pets can circulate tiny skin flakes around us, called as pet dander. Pet dander, when inhaled causes dust allergies. That is why it is important to wash our hands after playing with pets and before having our meals. We must also give regular baths to our pets to keep them clean.

Indoor air pollution cockroach

Cockroaches that lurke around our kitchens and bathrooms in the night can cause dust allergies. Cockroaches like food particles that may be found under gas stoves, refrigerators and on the floor and dining table. Clean any left over food scraps from kitchen and dining surfaces before you go to bed. Wash the dishes before bedtime. And do not leave open garbage in the kitchen overmight.

dumping garbage toy

Most importantly, in order to reduce most types of air pollutants, plant helpful indoor plants like aloe vera, ficus and lilies which can reduce pollution at home.

toy plant

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