N for Nostalgia – That which remains with motherhood forever

nostalgia motherhood

I am not too much of a nostalgic person. When I meet old friends sometime and when they begin to recall a particular incident from the past, I would be the one, most of the times, with a blank face, without a clue of when and where what they were talking about happened. In fact, I hardly feel nostalgic about anything of my childhood days, too. Could there be a problem with my emotional part of the brain? 🙄

However, I am just four years into motherhood now. And I have already started to look back and long for his baby days. As always, I am unable (severely) to recall his baby face mentally but I remember the warm, nice, happy moments I had had with him then. It was a time when I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t yelling at him and I wasn’t expecting him to behave in a particular way. No matter what mess and naughtiness went around, I was a patient mom then. There used to be a lot of giggles, smiles, laughs, cuddles and hardly any instruction or advice then. Yes, it was all then! From when he grew a little bigger, began to speak and began to develop his individuality, at some point, some nice thing from my motherhood dropped. If any of you have experienced anything similar to this, please share, I am still trying to understand this point. Lately, I am beginning to realize this and I am trying to get back to my old version. However, there’s a gap somewhere.

nostalgia motherhood
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His first two years has stored in it a lot many nostalgic moments. Now everyday, as I watch my baby girl giggle and run to catch her toys, I feel nostalgic about the similar moments of my son. When she turned over the first time, I recollected the moment when my son did it. When she would smile at me the first thing in the morning, it always reminds me of my baby son. He would come running to me soon after he would wake up; what an overwhelming feeling it used to be! Yes, next post is on that, O for Overwhelming! I wish to experience once again those moments when we both stayed alone at home the whole day. I yearn to listen once again to his first baby words, Sosa for Dosa, Iggi for Idli, Eggi for Egg, Sakiki for Chocolate and the funny version of his own name.

Not that he isn’t as nice as how used to be, he’s still my prince charming, but I used to be nice mom then which I miss now. Perhaps, that’s where the only nostalgia of my life stems from. The old photos of my son lends me a surprise every time I see them. What surprises me is to observe how his features have changed from how he was as a baby. If not for these photographs I don’t think I can ever recapture his baby face precisely. I am re-enjoying his baby moments with my little girl now though I know it shall soon pass too. And that which would remain with motherhood forever is nostalgia alone!

Would you like to recall your nostalgic moments with your children? Please do. Scroll down to the comments section.

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