Signs of a Boy or a Girl?: My Experience of Predicting Baby’s Gender during Pregnancy

signs of baby girl or baby boy

Note: This post is about my personal experience and shouldn’t be taken as an expert or a medical advice.

I had decided to make this the first post I would write soon after my baby is born. Yes, for forty weeks, along with my baby, I had carried these sentences in my mind. Let me go…..!

Honestly, I was an over-curious mom. Especially as a mom fond of baby girls and with my first child being a boy, my second pregnancy left me frantically searching for gender cues. From reading old midwife tales of several cultures to directly requesting people at the scanning centre, I’ve tried all that was in my hands only to realize that in a country like India, sadly one has to wait until the baby is born. To add to my anxiety, all our unofficial gynecologists (Wonder who? The old neighbour aunty who met me on the way to temple, the lady who sat next to me in the gynec’s waiting room, the stranger aunty who spotted my big tummy at the children’s play area and the likes) confirmed ‘It’s going to be a boy again’ by just visual scanning of my baby bump 🙄

Now that the impatiently-awaited secret is unveiled finally, I feel it as a duty to share the real-time gender signs I had experienced during my pregnancies. And to disprove all the dear old ladies! Yeah, the second is indeed a princess!


If you are an expecting parent, trying to guess which bundle awaits you, have fun with my theories. However, be sure, expect for an ultra sound, all theories are only theories! Also, know that though the old grannies and aunties around you may appear to be all-knowers of bump shapes, sizes and positions, they can yet be miserably wrong 😆

Myths that worked for me

Fetal Heart Rate: It is a popular myth that fetal heart rate below 140 bpm during pregnancy indicates a baby boy whereas above 140 bpm indicates a baby girl. While a number of people deem it a myth and as in fact disproved often, it worked well for me.

Fetal Heart Rate and Gender Prediction

When I had carried my boy, his heart rate inside my tummy was always within 140 bpm. This time, however, with my girl it had remained 156 bpm up until the day she was due.

Food Cravings: Women experience strange food cravings throughout pregnancy. Sometimes they might have an urge to eat ‘something’ of their ‘craving taste’ but oddly, they might not be able to identify what exactly their taste buds are craving for. In our part of the world, it is believed that a pregnant woman carrying a boy, craves for salty or sour food, while girls bring on cravings for sweets. In general, I don’t prefer tangy taste. However, when I was carrying my boy, I couldn’t think of having anything other than tamarind rice (a tangy South Indian dish made of tamarind).

Hot Chocolate Brownie
Sizzling Hot Chocolate Brownie – The Best of Food I had during my Pregnancies!

And with my girl, I craved for sweets. However, the hormonal plays were such that though my tongue craved for sweets, once I had them, the after-taste effect was bitter. Note that craziness for chocolate pastries and ice creams were common during both my pregnancies like how most pregnant women report. I guess it shouldn’t be considered under sweet cravings.

Bump Shape: I’ve read it time and again that carrying a baby low is a sign of a baby boy while a high bump is a sign of a girl. I cannot say for sure it worked for me. For several days, in fact, I couldn’t recognize very well how a low and high bump looked like. Looking at the mirror wasn’t really helpful. But by comparing my baby bump photos of both pregnancies, I now can identify what people mean by low and high bumps. My son’s bump was indeed low while my girl remained high even during the last week.

Baby Movements: This is one of the rare signs spoken of which I heard about from a couple of friends. Baby movements is one of the exciting experiences of pregnancy. I was surprised to notice distinct movements by my boy and girl. My boy kicked a lot inside and when he moved, it was bold and apparent even over my clothes. However, most of my girl’s movements were subtle and mostly on the left side.

Online quizzes: What?!!! It might sound silly. But I did take a few online gender prediction quizzes (of course based on the same age-old myths). Irrespective of what logic these quizzes follow, they did predict the coming of my girl accurately. It’s quite good fun to try a few of these.

Changes in Mom’s looks: Another popular myth in our part of the world is that while carrying a girl, the mother’s face not only glows but also appears extraordinarily beautiful. Well, it sort of worked well for me. When I was pregnant with my boy, I looked ugly (I mean, literally ugly), especially during the last month. With my girl, however, I didn’t become ugly, not that I was glowing or looking beautiful either.

Myths that went past as Myths

Ramzi’s Theory: This is one of the new methods that come up in the first page of a gender prediction search. Initially, this one sounded promising as it claims not only 97% accuracy but also as a well-documented scientific method. This theory is based on the right or left orientation of the placenta as seen in the early pregnancy (6th week) ultra sound image. I assumed it to be the most easiest method, specifically, the possibility of finding the gender as early as the 6th week was exciting to me.

Ramzis Method

However, the reality wasn’t sweet. I spent a good lot of time going through a few ultra sound images. First of all, unless you know a little of radiology, locating the placenta isn’t fun. Even if you do, understanding whether it’s right or left oriented is complicated, the level of which increases when you begin to get confused with whose left or right – baby’s or mother’s? Said that, after a disappointing experience of researching, I let this theory go away from my excitement.

Morning Sickness: It is a vague myth that girls bring on an extra level of morning sickness than boys. With my two pregnancies, the nausea and vomiting levels were equally severe. Perhaps, the hormonal effects acted a little differently. With my boy, I used to puke even before I could finish what was on my plate. With my girl, I could have food but for the next few hours it used to be a roller-coaster ride. The bottom line was that both my kiddos equally troubled me for a few months.

Chinese Gender Calculator Chart

The Chinese Calendar: First of all, there are different versions of the chart for the same year with contradicting predictions. For me, it didn’t work the first time though it did for my second pregnancy. So I am just going to call it a time-pass calendar.

I wish you well if you are an expectant parent.

Remember every pregnancy is unique and a period of myriad emotions for a woman.

I would love to hear from those who would love to share your gender signs during pregnancy. Will you mind checking your pregnancy reports to check the fetal heart rate point? Do you have comments about your bump shape and the gender of your baby? What taste did you crave for during pregnancy? Do you believe in any other myths? Please share. We have a lot of women around the world waiting to hear your experiences.

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23 Replies to “Signs of a Boy or a Girl?: My Experience of Predicting Baby’s Gender during Pregnancy”

  1. Been through this Nandini. Interesting theories. I am lucky that I ended up with my princess after my hero. The experience is wonderfully different. They are worlds apart. But I often wonder, curiosity apart, would I not love and cherish every moment like I am now, if my second was a boy again? The answer is a yes – always.

    1. I get your point Pranitha. Nothing can of course come in between a mother’s love towards her child. Something as trivial as the baby’s gender can certainly not make a difference. Perhaps, an initial disappointment and a little longing when I window shop those pretty hair clips in the malls, might have remained. It’s just that luck factor you mentioned that I am happy about, in my case too.

  2. Well Nandhini, this post took me back around 20 years when my first son was born,yes I can vouch for many of the tell tale signs that you have mentioned especially the low baby bump and looking ugly though I have not given a keen ear to the heart beat of the baby in the womb.
    When my second son was born exactly a year and nine months later (while I sat thro the pregnancy desperately waiting for a girl) the physical symptoms were almost the same whereas the cravings were diagonally opposite. It was salt and spice for the elder and soaked in sweets for the younger, which made me all the more to assume and conclude that this would be a girl:)
    The elder kicked and played footvball inside and the moments of silence made me worried and as if to answer he would gently nudge saying I am there! The younger was as and when he pleased and no such obedience of caring for mom’s concerns:)
    A sweet post that makes all moms and moms to be pleased and expectant, guessing the gender!

    1. //while I sat thro the pregnancy desperately waiting for a girl//
      I exactly did the same in the last 9 months 😉

      //no such obedience of caring for mom’s concerns:)//
      I’ve been through a lot of your write-ups and this kind of effortless sarcasm you bring into your flow is something I’ve always admired. Makes me ask you if the younger one turned obedient with age ;D

      Thanks Sunita mam for sharing your experiences. More I hear such experiences more I get convinced that all such signs are indeed myths.

      Glad to have a visitor from you on my blog!

      1. Both are a mellowed lot, but obedience is selective I guess..all the same the younger is at least more caring now:)
        Pleasure to read your posts and now I have subscribed to the posts via email, it makes a lot easier that way!

  3. Extremely interesting observations, I was applying my thought as well all the while (not that I have any experience with expectants)…might come in handy some day though ☺️

  4. There you go Nandu, I was expecting you to release this write up so much. Now as a mother of both genders I would like to share my experience.
    First Girl
    – Carried baby low- in fact was big bellied
    – she gave my skin and hair a beautiful glow all of which was gone with her birth
    – morning sickness was quite bad with vomiting after eating and the only thing I could keep in the mornings were hot chocolate 😋
    – cravings were not much although when I had them it was weird, I craved inedible things like dirt, sand, chalk…. yes it’s weird it is called pica
    – the Chinese calendar worked for her
    Second boy
    – carried him high, even the final week
    – did not give me great hair and skin, gave me a lot of black spots in face. Post birth glow was awesome
    – craving was all for spicy food, infact spicy tamarind rice was the top. Could not stand the smell of chicken let alone eat it
    – Chinese calendar did not work
    – the other myth told to me was that boys are early and girls are late than due date. Well both my kids proved that wrong. Girl was on the dot the exact date, boy was 1 day early.
    When I remember more I will share.

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