Black Money Vs. Hunger

Let me write this from a neutral perspective.

Let me not get into the discussion of whether the recent demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 is a constructive change or not.

Let me not remind you of the agony of waiting in the long queues.

Let me not talk about the restlessness of having Rs.2000 notes without getting them exchanged for change.

Let me neither believe nor not believe in the black money eradication this claims to reform.

Let me, but, share here the true story of a child who sells car wipes at traffic signals (from a friend’s FB timeline).

When my friend had halted at a traffic signal, this child has requested him to buy the car wipes he was selling. My friend had politely refused. The boy had pursued explaining that a man who had bought a car wipe from him, a couple of days before, had given him a Rs.1000 note for the purchase which he couldn’t get exchanged anywhere. And that none had accepted to provide him a single meal having him resigned to remain hungry for three days. The story ends with my friend buying a car wipe from him in addition to providing Rs.100s in exchange for the Rs.1000 note.

This could have happened to many children in the country! Well, don’t you believe at least one child in this country could have gone hungry because of the demonetization crisis?

Black money
Source: Clipartgram & Clipart Panda

To people who argue that we must tolerate this inconvenience for a few days for a better India, may I please ask if it’s just to ask a little child to tolerate his hunger for a few days?

Among people who are reading this post, there could be some who think this story is an exaggeration; this story is false; this story is trivial. There could be some who belittle the lives of such underprivileged children and some who judge their stories to be non-detrimental to the future of India. If you are one among them, please think what ‘better India’ should be made of.

To me, a country’s wellness is not measured by how many black money hoarders are caught red-handed but how many little children have three meals a day. It hurts more to realize that a so-called reformation has made one child hungry than to feel good that it has brought millions of black money notes to light.

There, India fails! Not just the Government, but citizens too, because sadly, our country has a disproportionate composition of them.

Lakhs of hungry children

Tens of thousands of people like that man who make use of poverty

Thousands of people who cache black money

Hundreds of people who are small-hearted to provide a meal to a hungry child

A handful of people like my friend

And one PM of this democratic nation whose dictatorship makes rules for all the people above!

Today, the real war is not between Black money and Pink notes.

It’s between Black Money & Hunger!

I did intend to write from a neutral perspective 🙁

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What is your idea/reaction/experience about the recent demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Currency notes? Do you welcome it? Will it ensure development? Will it reduce corruption and Black Money?#Demonetization

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