Three 6+ Magnitude Earthquakes on the Same Day!

Earthquake in Italy1

It’s been just a few hours since I read about the earthquake in Italy which has left half a town destroyed. And now there’s one again in our very own India!

Until I did a quick research today, I wasn’t aware of the fact that multiple earthquakes occur around the world everyday, though the extent of the tremors might be varying. I was shocked to read that there have been 92 earthquakes in the world today, of which three were of greater than 6 magnitude.

  • A 6 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia in the early morning hours
  • A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hitting several cities in Italy this morning and
  • A 6.8 magnitude in Myanmar and India a few minutes before.

Apart from lives of a few people, the Italy earthquake has devastated half of the town, Amatrice, which was the epicentre of the quake. 40 smaller quakes following the major had caused much havoc in the surrounding cities. It’s disheartening to know that Amatrice having preserved its middle-age buildings has now succumbed to a natural calamity. Images from Twitter show the level of destruction.

Earthquake in Italy1

Earthquake in Italy2

Another powerful earthquake has been reported at Myanmar with a magnitude of 6.8. Tremors were also felt at Eastern India covering a few regions of West Bengal, Bihar and Assam. Several ancient temples in Bagan have been shaken from their aged establishment by this earthquake.

Earthquake in Myanmar1

Earthquake in Myanmar2

Two powerful earthquakes on the same day at two different regions of the world makes me feel how Earth is been prying around for destruction. Precious lives, the emotional torments caused to their dear ones, the falling off of man’s architecture and hard work – My heart and prayers goes out to all who are fighting against nature at different corners of the world! May all the rescuers stay blessed forever!

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