Max Speed Super Car Track Set – Racing Cars: Toy Review

Max Speed Super Car Track Set assembled

Max Speed Super Car Track Set includes long plastic tracks which can be looped to form either a single, double or triple loops, according to our imagination. 2 toy cars come along with the set which can zoom at super speed. Here’s a detailed review of the set, along with a video of the unboxing and play.

Max Speed Super Car Racing Track Set outer box cover


The box set includes the following: (Check the video below for visuals)

  • 5 Plastic Tracks: 3 blue and 2 green, each measuring 58cm (or) 23 inches in length and 4cm (or) 1.5 inches in width. The tracks have grooves all along their either sides for fixing.
  • 2 Die-cast Cars: These are mini cars, one purple and one orange. They can be twisted to either sides from the middle. They operate by pull-back mechanism.
  • 4 Sets of Platforms: These make the platforms for fixing the tracks. 4 rectangular, black platforms make the base upon which the red platforms can be fixed.
  • 1 Pair of Car Platform: These black platforms make the two ends of the tracks where cars can be positioned before the racing.
  • 1 The Ring of Fire: A vertical arch in the shape of a fire ring can be fixed on top of the car platforms, making an arch through which the racing cars can pass.
  • Stickers:  The ring of fire, road signs and car platforms are provided with colourful stickers of good quality.
  • A Paper manual of the components.

Check this video of unboxing and demo the Max Speed Super Car Track Set: If you like to get new toy and play videos to your inbox, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, Vihaan’s Toys Plays Reviews.


Clarity in the instructions for fixing the tracks was missing. There are hardly any instructions on the paper manual. For the first time, you will have to figure out how the tracks are fixed. However, it is an easy process and can be assembled in a few seconds once the fixing is studied. As can be seen from the picture below, the black platforms make the base upon which the red platforms are fixed.

Max Speed Super Car Track Set assembled

The red platforms can either be placed vertically or horizontally depending on what kind of loop we like to form. The grooves of the tracks can then be gently inserted into the curved parts of the red platforms, making loops.

Making of Loops:

The number and position of loops is our choice. The illustrations on the box cover, that appear below, make a good guide for loop ideas.

1 Loop
1 Loop
2 Loops
2 Loops
3 Loops
3 Loops

How to Play:

It’s simple! The cars are pulled backwards on the tracks and made to rest on the start platform before they are let free. It goes zoom and zoom along the 360 degree loops and dashes out through the ring of fire.


Plastic Quality & Durability (5/5): The tracks, platforms and the ring of fire are made in plastic material. The quality of the plastic is excellent and sturdy. The tracks are flexible in order to bend them to our liking. We have been playing with it for almost eight months now, without a complaint of breakage.

Performance of the Toy Cars (5/5): The cars zoom at super speed when pulled backwards and let free. When they hit a barrier, they turn their direction and continue speeding. No matter how hard they hit on walls or hard surfaces, the parts stay intact and doesn’t get damaged. The wheels are one of the best quality I’ve come across over toy vehicles.

Ease of Assembly (4/5): As mentioned earlier, the first-time assembling might take a little time. However, post that, it gets simple. A 3-year old can easily fix it by him/her self.

Fun Quotient (3/5): It is definitely fun for kids, perhaps around the age of 2-5. They get excited watching the cars go round and round the loops and with the speed of zooming. However, since there isn’t much variations in the play, kids can get out of interest after a while. When taken out to play after a few days, it might get interesting again.

Learning & Skill Development (3/5): Children can learn to assemble the set all by themselves. It can enhance their imaginative skills. The cars need to be exerted a little pressure while pulling back over the tracks. This can be a good exercise for children. If sufficient pressure is not developed, the cars cannot make the full round within the loops and might fall off in between. In the video, you can check the first time when my son does this, the car falls off over the first loop. But the next time, he learns to hold the car tight against the track to build pressure. Kids can learn this skill with this play set.

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