A thing of love is to cherish forever

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The front gate of the place we live faces a huge lake. When the 2015 floods had hit Chennai, the lake could have become unstable anytime to flood our premises. At that time, when I had thought what would it be if I had to carry something important at the time of crisis, it was this – my oil painting kit!


Of course, whichever part of the world I go, I can always get one. Yet, I cherish my easel, my palette, my paint box, brushes, oils and wash tubs for they’ve been with me for ten long years. I’ve added a few colours and brushes a couple of times, otherwise it’s been the same kit all through the years.

At a time, when I had no idea of what oil painting is and what are even required to do one and no personal tutor to teach me, I had explored and set a painting work place all by myself. Not that I couldn’t have watched a beginner’s video or asked an expert, but I felt it interesting to do it my way. It was and is a journey to learn when round  and flat brushes get along with the canvas, what’s a fan brush and a knife used for, which oil medium to be used…..and just all that little I know about oil painting today! Below is one of my early days’ paintings, when I was still unsure of how to hold the brush for a particular stroke.

Oil Painting Sivagamiyn Sabatham Book cover
One of my early days’ paintings

It has been three years now since I had been in touch with painting. I didn’t think it was a good idea with a toddler around. The last one I started had been lying incomplete in my work room for long. And sadly, my painting kit too had been lying in my attic since then. This year, I’ve decided to wipe off the dormancy. And renew the kit too. So that has brought a new set of oil painting stuff home, the picture of which you see above along with the incomplete canvas. I know I shall cherish this set for another ten years.

Oil paintings of India
A few of my close-to-the-heart pieces

Painting is like writing, to me. The joy is in the process; in the act of bringing the piece into a shape and render a fulfillment to the thought, the idea. Having done a close to hundred paintings, I do not wish to hold onto any of my finished canvases for they gave me the joy of painting and are ready to walk away. However, I do not wish to let go of the tools, for they are the ones which give me the joy I cherish every time I hold my paint brush.

If there’s an object you cherish, you can write about it for the Cherished Blogfest 2016, to let your readers know.

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  1. That was an interesting post. Life gets to us and we let go of things that makes us, us. I think we should always find time to rekindle those long lost interests and hobbies.. of course the better thing would be not to let it go at all! Anything to do with art like painting, writing, composing, craft etc eases the soul in some way… it serves as an outlet of emotions and expressions and helps us move on…

    1. It has certainly helped me move on, at difficult times. Sometimes I feel time stood still for a few hours until I completed a painting and that would have already filled the void within me.

      What a beautiful blog you have, Dee! Glad to have connected with you today. Thanks for your time here.

    1. Thanks Dan. Glad that you took time to leave a comment here. I remember adding the link earlier and mine showed at no.80. But now I wonder where I’d added that. Anyways I’ve added now to the link you’ve sent. Thanks again!

      1. Thanks. I think having the two lists was confusing. It seemed like a good idea but it probably wasn’t necessary. I’m glad you’re on the right list and very happy you joined us 🙂

  2. Cherish to read your post and to watch your paintings (fortunate to watch yours in nearby especially your pencil art- still remember the BABY & RADHAKRISHNAN)
    Long way to go (y) Nandu. You born with Talents, Keep rocking, ALL THE VERY BEST 🙂

  3. What an excellent choice. As a writer, I could choose my pen or my computer as my cherished object, and why not? It allows me to express my art like your oil paints do for you. And clearly you have a real talent for painting. Nice post!

  4. You are a very talented artist. I love the first oil picture, even though it was one of your first. The colors are so vibrant! This is a great choice for a cherished item, something that is near and dear to your creative soul. Thanks for being part of the blogfest.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost

    1. Thank you Mary. Yes, amidst the visible flaws, it is a dear old painting to me, as well. Thanks for your words and time here. I am happy to have discovered cherished blogfest this year for it made me reminiscence and write on something warm.

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