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I raise my hands up when people around me discuss about cricket. I do admire others while they talk about a batsman’s style and the highlights of matches. However, for some reason cricket doesn’t register in my mind. I might remember that India won the 2011 World Cup, but definitely nothing about the winning match score or the highest-scored player. I remember being a cricket enthusiast during school days though I couldn’t keep up the passion for long. When I look back, the things that have kept me away from cricket in the recent times are:

Television: I am not a television person, so it’s difficult for me to stay glued to the screen for long. That means, I tend to take breaks, missing a few overs and you know how disconnecting it is.

Skip Work: Sometimes, cricket demands to skip important work or going-out which certainly kills the interest. This is one of the reasons why cricket faded away from my priorities with increased responsibilities.

Attending to Guests: Most often guests choose to visit us when there’s an important match happening. May be they prefer to stay away from their own places to watch the match, I don’t know. However, my day of cricket is gone with making tea and bondas for them 🙄

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you reading this post share a similar situation. It is particularly difficult to track a match when one is in the office. How can meetings, presentations and deadlines understand what cricket means to Indians?! 😆 Rushing to the canteens, waiting impatiently with the slow-loading browser, frustrating wives who roam out shopping on match days – I’ve seen men who get mad when they are made to miss out on the cricket updates.

Fortunately, today technology has offered us something that doesn’t require a television, doesn’t force us to skip work and doesn’t make us depend on anybody in order to rejoice the emotion behind cricket.

Yes, I am talking about the UC Cricket!

I’ve heard this name several times during the 2015 World Cup though I didn’t try to use this earlier. With my new tab came UC Browser pre-installed. That’s when I experienced a super speed browsing with a mobile device. UC Browser is amazingly fast, especially, the UC Cricket is a blessing to all cricket fans.

Here are two easy steps that can take you straight to the fascinating world of cricket:

  • Visit UC Browser Website to download it to your mobile device or PC.
  • In the homescreen of UC Browser, find the UC Cricket icon as shown in the image below:

That is it, behold the UC magic in front of you!

Features of UC Cricket

  • Popularly called as the all-in-one cricket app, UC Cricket provides auto updates of live scores, commentaries, pictures, videos, statistics and interviews.
  • The chat option for fans facilitates active interaction among cricket enthusiasts around the world.
  • The guessing game was popularly played during the World Cup this year.

Thus, finally there’s hope to connect with cricket once again!

If you are using UC Browser or UC Cricket, please do leave your reviews at the comment section.

Photo Credit: UC Browser & UC Cricket

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