#Ek Nayi League ? What is It?

The secret will be revealed today.

What secret?

Didn’t hear about Ek Nayi League yet?

Let me enlighten then!

On April 25th, 2015, cricket legend Kapil Dev joined Twitter and one can imagine the enormous twitter follows and tweets following his entry. His Twitter handle @therealkapildev was too good a pun of all the fake Kapil Devs out on Twitter 😆

Kapil Dev in Twitter

That giant leap! Check his first tweet.

Ek Nayi League

Celebrities, PM, ICC and a huge fan base welcomed him on board twitter. And the welcome tweets!

Kapil Dev Tweets

Soon after the joining, he has been posting ads about a new initiative, Ek Nayi League. Here’s one:

First of all, I admire his physique, dynamism and his gracious presentation at the age of 56. He has created a vivid suspense through the ads about his new venture. Most of all, what highlights the suspense is the irony in his statement that playing in his new league with one’s heart wouldn’t fetch success. He indirectly indicates that the participant needs to use his brain for winning. The ad videos also show him challenging celebrities like Kapil Sharma, Sania Mirza, Dhoni that the way they usually play with all their hearts will give them only googly in his new league.

The whole point of the ads is to make viewers guess what could be the Ek Nahi League he is talking about. This was made into a contest that ran from 29th April to 7th May. Viewers could submit their answers at the website to participate in this contest. And the participant who guessed it right would win 1 Lakh prize.

Guess my guesses?

My first imagination was Kapil Dev hosting Kaun Banega Krorepati. Without a second thought I peeped into the KBC website to see Amitabh still seeming to be host for the 2015 show. So Kapil isn’t replacing Amitabh. Then, may be he must be co-hosting with Amitabh? Well, the ads clearly indicate a sports league. Phew! Disappointed!

It’s okay!

I put my imagination to stop and started ransacking Google, Twitter, Facebook. Believe me, there wasn’t a single bean spilled anywhere. How did they even manage to guard the secret so closely especially being a trending topic?! 🙄

For now, I stick to my first imagination with a little mutation. That is, it is going to be a television game show, kind of a sports quiz where huge money could be won. Participants will need to set a goal for themselves. Questions are going to be extremely tough and it will demand high knowledge in sports. If they get to crack the answers, then they get to reach their goal. Initially, participants may be celebrities of different fields. However, I guess general public can participate as the show succeeds.

Ek Nayi League is launching today, in a few hours. And the long-awaited secret will be out at last!

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  1. Nice one! I guessed it to be a league where he would inspire many sports aspirants of dreaming big and fulfilling them! I tweeted it and they replied back, saying they liked my post! Let’s see what is it all about!

    1. Thanks Amreen!

      I know your imagination must be unique. Great to receive a nice reply for your post from the organizers, isn’t?

      Well, it is out now that the launch is made. It’s an online trading league 😆

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