What if I can Fly?

This post is written for the Indi Happy Hours activity sponsored by IDBI Federal Life Insurance

If my clock could tick a little slow,

If Earth could reduce its speed a little,

If people around me who expect my attention all the time could get diverted,

If I could choose what to do with – my biggest constraint, restriction, limitation, stopping force, check gate, speed breaker –


here’s all that I would do in a hurry before the magic wish would disappear.

1. Write: My fantasy novel and my blogs!

Not that I want to complete my book quick, get published, see it on Amazon and earn money. Rather, I want to experience writing it. I’ve weaved a concept and a plot and have partially given life to it with a few characters who live in my mind as vivid as any real character. Those moments when I get to materialize them into words, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I haven’t framed yet the whole of the plot. As a matter of fact, that ‘magic’ flows only when I sit to write. Until I write, I do not know what’s in store for the story. And when it happens, I wish the world around me could hold on for a while until I cherish being connected with this magic for some more time. Sadly, every time I get to sit to write, I am called for even before I can invoke the ‘magic’ thing into my hands. Baby cries or phone rings or door knocks. Without the time villain, this would be my first dream.

And of course, my blogs. One post a day in each 🙂

2. Complete: My Unfinished Art

When a work of art is left incomplete, it just does not sit in a corner of the room; it actually sits heavily in the corner of my heart as guilt. With the flow of everyday work, I may tend to forget but when one day it pricks from within, it just crushes my soul for having left a child to starve. An oil painting of a scene in Venice that I started while carrying my son still rests quietly on my Easel. Again, when time takes rest, I dream to give its life back to it.

3. Learn: For My Sake

“Why do you want to do that course? How will it help you? What will you become of that?” There are a few, call it skills or subjects, that I would like to pursue without attaching the ‘benefit’ tag to them. I might need to spend time and money to do it but I am unsure if I have an answer to the question, “why?”  Breaking the boundaries of why, I dream to learn – just for the sake of it!

4. Travel: To My Fantasy Destinations

Money is time’s big brother! And my fantasy destinations are no less expensive. If the money villain can be waived off, I dream to quietly enjoy the culture and food of other countries.

5. Serve: Like I am Born for it

I dream to teach science to under privileged children. I dream to plant at least one sapling a day. I dream to cook good food for people in need.  I know it’s not impossible only if time will not poke in between.

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