Valentine of 2015!

This post is written for the Indi Happy Hours activity sponsored by ASUS India. Descriptions of the product are based on the product specifications and reviews and not of actual usage of the product. 

Will you be surprised if I say I chose something that every girl would want to carry with her, as my valentine, this year? Something? Carry? Yes, I meant it! ASUS Zenfone!

In a true sense, in the present techie lifestyles, we flirt and romance with our mobiles, laptops and tabs more than any human on earth. Does that sound cranky? Read on, you will agree with me why ASUS Zenfone took that special place in my heart.

1. Love at First Sight: Unlike mortal glamour that fades away with time, my Zenfone looks amazing with ever lasting beauty. One standing-out point is its display. The high resolution 1280 x 800 display combined with ASUS TruVivid technology brings that stunning clarity to pictures and videos. It makes the images look so much alive; as much as making a live valentine for me 🙂

2. He’s Multi-handed: If at all a girl would wish to see her guy expert at the most, it would be this. Tell me girls, how many times it made you go mad because he didn’t listen to your story while watching cricket in television. Imagine how cool it would be if he can track the match and throw a kiss at you at the same time. That’s exactly what my ASUS Zenfone impressed me about at the first move. It’s unimaginably fast with its Intel Processor. I can open multiple browsers in a second’s time without crawling.  No more compromises!

3. His Memory is Stunning: How does it feel when he forgets to wish you on your birthday because he was held up in a meeting?! Well, men have remained this way for centuries. How romantic it would be if he can whatsapp a loving message from the middle of a meeting?! My Zenfone’s 64-bit memory does such kind of magic!

4.  He sounds Manly: Don’t tell me you’ve never fallen for the male voice! Some gripping manly voices just churn out the deepest hormones in us, agree? Zenfone’s ASUS SonicMaster technology delivers an audio quality that could bring in you a similar effect. When your most favourite melody play in the background, you cannot help falling in love with it again and again!

5. He remains Connected all time: “The number you have dialed is either switched off or not reachable.” The statement that you would never want to hear again but ironically get to hear most often, especially from his number. Somehow, boyfriends always carry poor connectivity mobiles. Imagine something that can give you three times more reliable connection than these ordinary phones! Zenfone’s ASUS Zentenna is an advanced technology with a dual antenna that connects you anywhere anytime; all the time.

Now do you agree with me why Zenfone is far better a choice for valentine than these mortal morons? 😆

You may also want to check other features of it including high sensitive touch response, long battery life and excellent 3D performance. Note that the details mentioned in this post covers only that of ASUS Zenfone 5 A500CG.

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